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His Stunning Doctor Wife novel Chapter 618

In the following matches, the Huang family had almost equal numbers of victories and defeats. Hence, they did not suffer much loss.

As for the Sun family, although Shinnie won the first match, they had more defeats than victories. Moreover, as the current organizer of the Martial Arts Convention, the other great families and clans challenged the Sun family a lot. Therefore, the Sun family ended up fighting in more than ten matches. In the end, they won only three matches and lost the rest.

So far, the Sun family had accumulated approximately a hundred million yuan in losses.

The Sun family had lost a lot, whereas the Yue family had the most gains. Hitherto, the Yue family had engaged in eight matches, but they had lost only two matches. As a result, they had earned more than 100 million yuan, and they appeared to be more powerful than the other great families and clans.

The martial artists who were watching the competition started to worry about the Sun Family. After all, most of the martial artists

present were local, so they were rooting for the Sun Family.

Francesca's face fell. Although she had expected results like this, all of the great families and clans constantly challenged the Sun family from the very beginning of the competition, especially the Lightning Clan and the Yue family of the Westamor District. She found it strange that they challenged the Sun family in every match.

However, the situation was not at its worst yet. After all, the bets on these matches were around a few millions yuan only. Even if the Sun family lost most of these matches, they would only lose a hundred million yuan.

For the Sun family who had a large business, it was nothing at all.

However, the betting amount would get bigger and bigger. If the Lightning Clan and the Yue family continued to target the Sun family like this in the following matches, things would get a little difficult. After all, most of the averagely ranked members in the Sun family had lost, and almost no one advanced to subsequent rounds. If there was a match invitation again, it would definitely end in defeat.

Just as Francesca was worried about all these, there was a scream on the stage. A person got knocked off stage, spitting a mouthful of blood.

The other members of the Sun family hurried out of the ship to save that person.

Francesca's expression darkened. She threw a note in the direction of the Lightning Clan. The Sun family had lost again.

The winner was none other than Zachary Chang from the Lightning Clan.

After Zachary won the match, he cupped his hands to show his obeisance to the crowd. Then, he glanced at the great families and clans. Finally, his gaze fell on the Sun family, and he declared, "Elder Sun, it is my intention to challenge the Sun family next."

As soon as he said that, everyone glanced at Zachary. They were startled.

Although it was not against the rules to challenge the same family consecutively, doing so was practically declaring war on that family.

For a moment, everyone looked at the Sun family and the Lightning Clan, curious of what would follow.

Francesca's face fell slightly, and she didn't offer much reaction other than her cold glance at Zachary.

On the other hand, Franklin Chang, the Guardian of the Lightning Clan, stroked his white beard gently and smiled with indifference. He did not appear to take his disciple's challenge to the Sun family seriously at all.

Narrowing her eyes slightly, Francesca snorted softly and said, "Of course you can challenge the Sun family. Erasmus, it's your turn to fight."

Francesca called out for one of the men in the Sun family, who was in his thirties. The man nodded and went on stage.

But just then, Zachary sneered, "Elder Sun, the previous matches were fought by the youngsters. For this match, the Lightning Clan wants a bigger game. Do you, Sun family, accept the challenge or not?"


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