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His Stunning Doctor Wife novel Chapter 619

Francesca snorted and said angrily, "Since the Lightning Clan wants to challenge us, the least you can do is be sincere. Thinking you could just use only the Dragon Source Herb Farm to bet against the Sun family's token is just wishful thinking, Guardian Franklin."

Franklin could not pretend that he was uninvolved anymore. He could only look at Francesca and respond, "Elder Sun, you're too serious. My little disciple merely had an immature idea. If you don't want to bet, then I'll ask my little disciple to get off the stage."

He sounded polite, but he was actually throwing the Sun family under the bus.

As a junior, Zachary had proposed a bet to the Sun family. However, Francesca, a senior, pressured Zachary with her position so that he would retract his challenge. From an outsider's point of view, it appeared like the Sun family did not dare to accept the Lightning Clan's challenge because they were weak.

If that was the truth, the Sun family's reputation would be greatly damaged, even worse than would result from losing matches.

For a moment, the crowd criticised the Sun family. They began to question Francesca's attitude, of how she was bullying a junior, and her cowardice in rejecting the challenge.

Suddenly, Francesca's expression darkened. She knew that she had to clarify this matter. Otherwise, the crowd might misunderstand the Sun family.

With her eyes narrowed, she gazed at Franklin and said, "Guardian Franklin, you're wrong. This is not about whether I want to bet or not. It's about the fairness of the bet."

"Since the Lightning Clan wants to challenge the Sun Family, the Sun Family will accept the challenge if it's a fair duel," she uttered.

She added, "But if certain people feign ignorance so they could take advantage of the Sun family, then the bet is unfair. Because that is the case, the Sun family will certainly not accept the challenge."

Francesca made it very clear, and the crowd finally understood her point. It turned out that Francesca was angry not because the Lightning Clan had challenged the Sun family, but because the bet proposed by the Lightning Clan was not fair.

However, the curiosity of the crowd was piqued.

The Lightning Clan used the Dragon Source Herb Farm as their bet, and it was definitely worth a lot of money. But based on what Francesca said, the Dragon Source Herb Farm seemed to be much less valuable than the Sun family's token.

As a result, all of the martial artists were interested in knowing what the token of the Sun family was, and why it was so valuable to Francesca and Franklin.

Franklin's face twitched after hearing what she said. He knew that it was unrealistic for him to keep feigning ignorance. Therefore, he replied, "We, the Lightning Clan, heard that the Sun family has a precious token. As for the specific value of it, we don't know. Therefore, we thought that the Dragon Source Herb Farm was a fair bet."

"If its value is not equal to the token, then I apologize to Elder Sun on behalf of my little disciple. It's my fault that my little disciple was reckless in proposing a bet without understanding the actual situation," Franklin said.

As soon as he finished speaking, Zachary said, "Master, I'll remember your teachings. Elder Sun alleged that the Sun family's token is so precious, yet we have never seen it. What a shame! I don't know if the token is really so precious that the land with the Dragon Source Herb Farm cannot be considered of equal value. Or, perhaps there is some other unspoken reason."

When Zachary said so, his implication was that he had suspicions regarding the value of the Sun family's token, as well as of Francesca's recent claim.

Soon, the air between the Lightning Clan and the Sun family got more and more tense. Most of the Sun family members had cold expressions.

On the contrary, Franklin was still smiling as if he did not notice anything. He said to Francesca, "Elder Sun, my little disciple is still too young. If he has offended you, please forgive him. After all, he's just curious."


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