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His Stunning Doctor Wife novel Chapter 622

Such a sudden change of events stunned the crowd who were just applauding Francesca moments ago. They stared at the stage in disbelief.

Even if they didn't want to believe it, they had to admit that Francesca was at a disadvantage now. If it went on like this, she would not be able to hold on for long.

At this moment, the crowd began to talk urgently among themselves.

"Come on! Elder Sun, you can't let them defeat you. Come on!" a local martial artist urged.

"That's not fair. The two of them are bullying Elder Sun by outnumbering her. This battle does not count," another martial artist said.

"That's not fair. Just now, Yohannes said that it was a battle between the Sun family, the Yue family, and the Lightning Clan. It is not a battle against only Francesca. And who should be blamed if there is no other martial artist to represent the Sun family?" someone in the crowd rebuked.

"Shameless! The Lightning Clan and the Yue family are using despicable means to steal the Sun family's token," another person in the

crowd retorted.

Many people expressed their dissatisfaction with the battle, but the situation was getting worse. Francesca was completely at the disadvantage. At this moment, she could barely block their attacks and she had no ability to fight back.

Everyone on the Sun family's ship looked extremely anxious, like an ant in a hot pan. However, there was nothing they could do. After all, if even Francesca was no match for them, they would no doubt lose against Yohannes and Franklin.

Given the circumstances, it was obvious that there was no hope for victory. Sighs could be heard everywhere.

"Looks like the Sun family is destined to lose this battle. They have no chance," someone said.

"They are losing the token of the Wushuang Tower's pro-disciple; such a valuable thing. What a pity!" the other person added.

"The Yue family has made a big fortune this time. They were the champions of the last Martial Arts Convention. I'm afraid that they will win again this time!" a martial artist exclaimed.

"Elder Sun, just admit defeat. If you continue to fight, you will get seriously injured," another martial artist muttered.

Francesca's face was pale. She had thought that she might lose, but she did not expect Yohannes to keep his true level discreet. Originally, he was at the late-stage of Black Level, but now he was at the peak of the Black Level. Coupled with Franklin, who was at the late-stage of Black Level, it would be difficult for Francesca to withstand their joint attack.

After all, Francesca's original level was only between the late stage and the peak of the Black Level. Truth was that her level was not far from the real peak of the Black Level. However, after she was injured herself during the battle with Fade, her level regressed to the late stage of the Black Level.

Therefore, given the situation, Francesca was no match for Yohannes and Franklin.

Seeing that she was about to lose, Francesca was anxious.

Franklin and Yohannes did not stop their attacks. They kept talking to Francesca to provoke and mock her.

"Elder Sun, we haven't seen each other for a few years. Why didn't you improve your level?

Are you thinking of letting us surpass you?" Franklin said.

"Elder Sun, surrender. You are no match for us. If you hand over the token now, you will not be badly injured. Otherwise, the consequences will be grave," Yohannes suggested.

Elder Sun didn't say anything. Gritting her teeth, she cast a glance at where Fade was standing, hoping to ask for help.

Franklin and Yohannes noticed Francesca's gaze, so they glanced at the shore too. Then, they turned sarcastic.


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