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His Stunning Doctor Wife novel Chapter 623

When the Sun family heard what Zachary said, their expressions darkened, especially Shinnie's. Her cheeks that were red with worry for Francesca were now red with fury.

The Sun family members' eyes glowed with anger. They glared at Zachary, but there was nothing they could do at the moment.

The crowd couldn't help but sigh when they caught sight of what was happening.

"It seems like the token of Wushuang Tower is not the only thing at stake with Elder Sun's defeat!" a martial artist said.

"Yes, the Lightning Clan and the Yue family still intend to take over the Sun family's property in addition to the token," another martial artist replied.

"After the Sun family's defeat, I'm afraid that there will be a huge change in Long City. Everyone, please make your plans as soon as possible," the other martial artist claimed.

The crowd sighed, and almost nobody was optimistic for the Sun family. After all, Francesca had been beaten so badly that she

had no strength to fight back.

Yohannes and Franklin guffawed. "Elder Sun, it's time to end this. Let us take over the Sun family!"

As they spoke, their attacks became so violent that they were about to seriously injure Francesca.

When Francesca saw this, she was startled. If they manage to hit her, she would definitely be seriously injured, maybe even die on the spot. If that happened, it was almost inevitable that the Sun family would decline in every aspect.

Francesca's expression was livid, and she glimpsed at shore once again for help.

Yohannes and Franklin chuckled. "Elder Sun, are you still looking for Master Chen?"

"Haha, you don't have to wait any longer. He dare not come. Even if he really does come, we will beat him up too," Franklin said.

Yohannes and Franklin joined forces and they were about to attack Francesca's chest.

It was right at this moment that someone by the lake said in a flat tone, "Who said that I dare not show up?" His voice was indifferent, but everyone heard it clearly, as if it was imbued with some magical power.

Everyone was astounded by the voice. The crowd wondered, "Who is speaking? Master Chen? Is Master Chen here?"

For a moment, everyone looked around to see where the voice came from and who Master Chen was.

"Master Chen, where are you?"

"Master Chen, come out!"

"Master Chen, please make your move!" someone in the crowd implored.

Just as everyone was searching for him, Fade stood up and passed through the crowd as he walked forward.

Easter and his men, who were not far away, could not help but sneer.

"Look at that guy. What is he trying to do? Is he really the one the others are looking for?" said Easter.

"Haha. Did he think that they are calling him only because his surname is also Chen?" mocked a disciple.

"Attention seeker," Easter chided.

Upon hearing what they said, Tom glared at them and said coldly, "Ignorant! you'll regret what you said."

While they were arguing, Fade had passed through the crowd and reached the lake.

The people whom Fade pushed aside so he could get through were a little unhappy. They turned their heads to glare at Fade, yelling.

"Brother, don't push me anymore. If you push me again, I will fall into the lake."

"Brother, he's Master Chen. Why are you so angry?" another person mocked.

"Brother, can you be a little gentler? My eggs are going to break because of you!" another person uttered.

Listening to their complaints, Fade was speechless. Hence, he explained, "I am the person you are looking for. Please let me pass through."


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