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His Stunning Doctor Wife novel Chapter 627

After seeing the bloody corpse, Yohannes seemed to have guessed something. Trembling, he disclosed everything he knew to Fade.

After listening to the revelation, Fade looked gloomy. He carried Yohannes and threw him onto the Sun family's ship. He said, "Take him back. I have questions to ask him later."

Francesca immediately led her men to tie Yohannes up.

On the Yue family's ship, there was a commotion. Some people looked at Fade discontentedly and some of them wanted to say something.

But before they said anything, Fade cast a cold glance at them and said sternly, "If you don't accept it, you can come onto the stage."

In an instant, the members of the Yue family on the ship quieted down. No matter how discontented they were, even if their leader had been captured by Fade, they had to bear with it. This was because they were no match for Fade.

When Fade caught sight of this, he snorted. Then, he glanced at Franklin, who had curled

up in a corner of the stage, and said, "The Yue family has admitted defeat in this battle. How about the Lightning Clan?"

Seeing that Yohannes had ended up losing miserably, Franklin did not resist. He nodded quickly, handing over a contract with both hands, and said, "We admit defeat. The Lightning Clan admits defeat. This is the contract of Dragon Source Herb Farm. Mr. Chen, please accept it."

Snorting, Fade took the contract. He looked around and said in a clear voice, "Is there anyone else who wants to challenge the Martial Arts Convention?"

His voice was thunderous as the sound waves spread across the lake.

The martial artists had just witnessed Yohannes' defeat, so they did not dare to challenge him. They quickly bowed their heads and retreated, not daring to look at Fade's eyes.

Fade let out a snort as he said, "In that case, the Martial Arts Convention is over."

After that, Fade jumped off the stage, stepping on the surface of the lake water and striding towards the shore.

All of the great families and clans on the ships, as well as the martial artists, automatically made way for him. They

lowered their heads and gazed at Fade in awe.

When Fade was walking towards the Yue family's ship, the members on the Yue family's ship were startled. Lowering their heads, they did not dare to make a sound.

Fade boarded the Yue family's ship and said, "Sister Melanie, I am taking you away."

Melanie, who had been guarded by the members of the Yue family, inevitably smiled when she heard Fade's voice. She walked out of the cabin and reached out her hand to Fade. "You're here," she uttered.

Fade nodded gently, holding Melanie's delicate hand and pulling her into his arms. Then, he got off the ship right away. He stepped onto the lake again and walked towards the shore.

At the same time, Qiana, who had been guarding Melanie on the Yue family's ship, gritted her teeth and stomped her feet. However, she could do nothing but sigh.

As Fade held Melanie in his arms and they reached the shore, the martial artists by the lake made way for them and greeted Fade respectfully.


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