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His Stunning Doctor Wife novel Chapter 628

Fade left Green Peace Lake with Melanie, for the Martial Arts Convention had ended.

The results of the convention spread through the media quickly.

In the end, it was the headline of every martial arts news portal that Fade had severely injured Yohannes.

Of course, there were also many related news reports about some other incidents that occurred during the Martial Arts Convention. The news reporters were particularly concerned about Yohannes' use of his bone token. As it was controversial, they wrote a lot of articles about it.

That day, Fade brought Melanie back to the hotel. After comforting her, he sat opposite her and said, "Sister Melanie, can you tell me what happened this time?"

Things were strange since Melanie came to Long City. After all, in the beginning, Melanie arrived to sign a contract with Winnie Huo on the latter's endorsement by Emerald Plum Jewels.

But later, Melanie invited Fade to have a meal privately. The appearance of Qiana and

Yohannes implied that there was more to it.

Now that Fade had asked about it, Melanie sighed. Then, she explained to Fade slowly, "Fade, I believe you've investigated it as well. I'm from the Westamor District. I'm from the Yu family."

Fade nodded. Indeed, he had investigated the Yu family and the Yue family. "The Yu family is a business family in Westamor District, and the Yue family is the first martial arts family in Westamor District," he contended.

"Yes," Melanie agreed. "The Yu family rose in the Westamor District through business. However, without the support of any martial arts force, the Yu family is considered inferior to the powerful martial arts families," she added.

"As the Yu family grew larger in the Westamor District, the other families and clans in Westamor District, especially the martial arts families and clans, tried to take the Yu family down through various means. Some were disguised as cooperation, some directly threatened, and some attempted to assassinate us."

"However, the Yu family is not weak, and the other families and clans were not courageous enough to go too far. Hence, we have been safe for quite a number of years."

"But things changed half a year ago," Melanie grunted as her face fell.

Fade could not help but frown, his brows were knitted together.

Melanie added, "Our family has been doing business for so many years, and our business has expanded all over the country. Among them, the headquarters of our most important jewelry business is set up in Capital City."

"But half a year ago, due to business conflict, our company offended a big shot in Capital City. He pressured our company so much that Emerald Plum Jewels and the other Yu family businesses were all affected," she said.

"He has coerced us into handing over forty percent of our shares to him. Otherwise, he will not let us go easily as he is capable of destroying the Yu family all by himself," she uttered.

"Forty percent of the shares is almost half of our family's property. Naturally, the family did not agree. However, the Yu family has no resistance to his threats in Capital City," she said. Frowning, Melanie continued, "It was right at this moment that the Yue family came to us. They said that they have the power to help us resolve this matter, and we will have to pay them the price."

"The price is you, Sister Melanie, Am I right?"


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