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Honorable Hubby Behind Me novel Chapter 689

"How can a good-for-nothing be capable? Young Master Feng, you really know how to joke." Han Qing covered her mouth and chuckled.

Han Feng nodded calmly and said, "That's true. How could I ask such a stupid question?"

"Samuel, I'll give you one last chance," Han Yan said. "I hope you can think it through. Otherwise, you won't have a chance to live." She hadn't come to Cloud City t o force Samuel into a dead end. To her, playing with a good-for-nothing wouldn't give her a sense of accomplishment. She would do her best to accomplish her goal and then leave Huaxiaas soon as possible.

But if Samuel insisted on making things difficult for her, Han Yan would not mind teaching him a lesson.

Watching the three leave the office, Samuel punched the desk.

The solid wood desk trembled because of the huge force, and cracks appeared on the desk.

Liam was shocked. He had personally picked and bought the desk, but the Young Master had cracked it with a punch. How powerful was that!

"Young Master, they are so hateful. Do we need to deal with them in other ways?" Liam said, gnashing his teeth.

Samuel was very clear about Liam's meaning, but even Qi Yiyun had a master like Dong Hao. How could Han Yan not have such an expert? Therefore, Samuel had already given up on this idea. He was afraid that what he did would affect Yvonne’s safety.

"Do as I say, stop the city operations." After speaking, Samuel looked at the time. It was about time to pick Yvonne after she got off work.

After Samuel left, Liam touched the crack on the desk and shuddered in fear. If this punch had landed on a person's body, he would have been crippled even if he did not die.

What exactly had he been through all these years when he was treated as trash by the Hannigan family?

"Young Master, I hope you can survive this. After so many years of forbearance, even I don't want to see it g o to waste," Liam said silently.

When he arrived at the Sue's company, Samuel was as usual. After parking the car, he leaned against the car and smoked. Yvonne was afraid of the smell of cigarettes, so when smoking, he would try his best to avoid Yvonne and never leave any smell of smoke in the car.

He glanced at the sales department. Ever since Manfred hadn't become a boss, Samuel lacked a place t o kill time. Whenever this happened, Samuel would regret it a little. If he hadn't allowed Manfred to return to the martial arts world, he would at least have


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