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Honorable Hubby Behind Me novel Chapter 690

"Yvonne, in fact... in fact, I am the boss behind Weakriver Real Estate," Samuel said.



Lydia and Godfrey stood up from the sofa and looked a t Samuel incredulously.

The Weakriver Real Estate is actually owned by Samuel!

That was to say, in the past, it was Samuel who had asked Yvonne to be in charge of the property.

Lydia always thought that Yvonne was excellent, so she was valued by Liam. She even thought Samuel would have more capital to live off women in the future, and she hated him even more.

But now, such an idea gave Lydia a warning.

What she thought was a complete joke. In her eyes, a man who lived off a woman had already taken control of everything.

All the changes in the Sue family were made by this man?

"Are you kidding? How could the property of Weakriver Real Estate be your company?" Lydia said, unwilling to believe it.

Godfrey also had the same attitude. After being a loser in the Sue family for so many years, he suddenly became the boss of a big company. How could he believe it?

"Samuel, don't talk nonsense. Isn't the property of the Han Hannigan family in Swallow City? What does it have to do with you?" When these words came out of his mouth, Godfrey was completely stunned. The intense shock in his eyes made his eyes slightly bulge out.

Samuel, the Hannigan family in Swallow City!

A crazy idea came to Godfrey's mind, so much so that he had goose bumps all over his body in an instant.


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