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Impulsive Vow to an Enigmatic Husband novel Chapter 1291

"Cornelia, are you really risking your own happiness just to prove something to a guy?" asked Cornelia. "Do you really think it's worth it?"

Hannah hung her head and whispered, "I know it's not worth it. But it's not entirely about proving something. I feel like Jared, and I have a lot in common."

"How so?" asked Cornelia.

Hannah explained, "Jared and I have been in three plays together. He never confessed his feelings to me when I was married. Now that I'm single, he confessed, isn't that because we have something in common?"

They had met by chance in Paris!

Hannah had just divorced, and he confessed his love for her.

There were too many coincidences, so much so that it felt like someone was pulling the strings.

"Cornelia, have you ever thought that this is not fate, but he has known about you and Steven?" Cornelia asked with some concern.

"Only a few close friends know about my marriage to Steven, and it's absolutely impossible for anyone in our social circle to know," Hannah replied.

"Hannah, nothing is absolute. But whether Jared deliberately created the chance to meet you, it's actually easy to check," Cornelia warned.

"How to check?" Hannah asked.

"Where are you planning to go next?" Cornelia asked.

"I plan to go to Switzerland and stay there for a month," Hannah replied.

"Why don't you send him a message asking him where he plans to go next?" Cornelia suggested.

"Can this check?" Hannah was puzzled.


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