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Impulsive Vow to an Enigmatic Husband novel Chapter 1292

So, after finalizing the divorce papers with Steven, Hannah didn't waste any time in letting her former assistant go, despite her being quite competent.

Paola pocketed her phone and asked, "Where do you fancy going then?"

Hannah replied, "Haven't decided yet, really. I'd appreciate it if you could help me brainstorm some options. It's October now, and it could be pretty chilly in Zurich. I should really give it a second thought."

Paola said, "All right, I'll do some research on travel guides and see where's good to visit in October."

Hannah said, "Thanks, I owe you one."

Paola replied, "No sweat."

Hannah returned to her room and barely had the door shut behind her when she received another message from Jared.

“The forecast says Zurich's been raining cats and dogs lately. Gloomy weather can be a real downer. I'm considering moving to another city. Any suggestions, Hannah? Or where are you headed? I could use some ideas.”

Hannah's heart skipped a beat when she saw the message. Thankfully, she had been on the phone with Cornelia, which made her feel less scared.

She composed herself and told Cornelia, "Nelly, I just told my assistant I'm not going to Zurich, and Jared texted me saying he's not going as well. When did you suspect something was off with my assistant?"

Cornelia said, "I can't be sure if your assistant is up to something, but from now on, be on your guard. Play dumb and try to keep them off balance. I'll check if there are any direct flights back home from Paris today. If there are, I'll book one for you. You need to get back here ASAP."

Hannah replied, "All right."

But the very next second, Hannah received another message from Jared, “Hannah, I need to handle some company business personally, so I have to head back to Harbor City sooner than planned. Hopefully, you'll agree to travel with me next time I'm free.”

Hannah asked, “Oh? What's up?”


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