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Impulsive Vow to an Enigmatic Husband novel Chapter 1298

Hannah had racked her brains, thinking of anyone she knew who could confirm the news, but she was at a loss.

Then it hit her. She turned to the man at her side, "Steven, did you see the news about Marcus?"

Steven responded nonchalantly, "Yeah, I saw it."

Hannah asked, "He was your good friend. He's gone now. Aren't you even a bit sad?"

Steven replied, "If being sad could bring him back, I'd be miserable. But it can't."

Hannah was left speechless.

Steven continued, "Are you worried about how Cornelia will take the news of Marcus' death?"

Hannah nodded.

Steven said, "That woman's got a heart as hard as a rock. She was the one who wanted a divorce from Marcus. Do you think someone like her would be upset about his death?"

Hannah retorted, "Cornelia is a compassionate person. She's not cold-blooded like you make her out to be."

Steven tried to comfort her, "Don't worry about her. She won't be affected by Marcus' death. She'll be just fine."

Hannah disagreed with Steven's view. She held her phone in her hand, wanting to call Cornelia to ask about the situation, but she didn't have the courage to dial.


Meanwhile, Grandpa Augustine had also seen the news about Marcus' death.

He was pacing nervously in his room, wondering whether he should tell Cornelia about it.

Cornelia was in the study, writing a script.

She would always get distracted by her phone while writing, so she had deliberately left it outside. There was also no internet in the room.

She was still unaware of what had happened to Marcus.

After much thought, Grandpa Augustine went to the study, "Cornelia, you've been sitting all morning. You can't go on like this. Now that you're pregnant, you need to exercise more."

Cornelia looked up at Grandpa Augustine and smiled, "Grandpa, don't worry. I set a timer. I get up and walk around every hour."


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