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Impulsive Vow to an Enigmatic Husband novel Chapter 1299

"He left? Where about?" Cornelia asked nonchalantly, before tossing a smile at Grandpa Augustine, "Grandpa, you always remind me not to bring him up. Why are you mentioning him today?"

After a pause, Cornelia went on, "He and I are no longer legally married. We have nothing to do with each other. Wherever he goes, it's none of my business."

Grandpa Augustine wasn't sure if Cornelia genuinely didn't understand or was pretending not to understand the meaning.

He carefully observed her expression and pushed his phone towards Cornelia, "Nelly, take a look at the news on the phone."

Cornelia didn't look, nor did she reach out for the phone, "Grandpa, I'm hungry. Let's eat first."

It was clear from Cornelia's behavior that she was running away from the truth, unwilling to face reality. Grandpa Augustine saw through her, which made him worry even more, "Nelly."

Cornelia sat down at the dining table, cut a piece of roast meat, and took a bite, "Grandpa, the meat is delicious. Especially this pork chop, it's soft and tender, just like the roast my grandma used to make. You should have a taste."

Grandpa Augustine sat down with Cornelia, his gaze never leaving her, "Nelly, if you're worried or upset, talk to me. Don't keep it all bottled up."

Cornelia took another bite of roasted mushroom, "Grandpa, the roasted mushrooms are also yummy. Come on, eat with me. I might finish everything if you don't start eating soon."

Grandpa Augustine didn't know what to do, so he picked up his utensils and began to eat with Cornelia, "Alright, I'll join you."

Cornelia quickly passed a piece of roast meat to Grandpa Augustine, "Grandpa, have a bite. This tastes just like the roast my grandma used to make. Especially this pork chop, it's so flavorful and tender, not everyone can cook it like this."

Grandpa Augustine had a bite of the pork chop, but he couldn't taste anything at this moment, "I had your grandma's roast many years ago, but it's been too long. I only remember it was delicious, but I can't recall the exact taste."

Cornelia passed another dish to Grandpa Augustine, "This is the taste of my grandma's roast. Grandpa, have some more."


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