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Impulsive Vow to an Enigmatic Husband novel Chapter 1301

Tahlia's bun in the oven was already taking shape, which meant she had been knocked up for more than three months. In other words, Marcus and Tahlia had been doing the horizontal mambo before she even divorced Marcus.

Before, Cornelia had always thought Marcus was a stand-up guy. Even if he had the hots for Tahlia, he wouldn't have crossed the line. Turned out, all of that was just her wishful thinking. She was a silly goose.

A strong wave of nausea swept over her, Cornelia dashed to the bathroom like a bat out of hell, heaving her guts out over the toilet, vomiting her lunch. Feeling wiped out from hurling, she couldn't stop. It felt like she was throwing up her guts.

Grandpa Augustine was worried sick, "Nelly, I'm taking you to the hospital right now."

Cornelia shook her head, picking herself up off the floor, "Grandpa, let's go to the Capital together."

Grandpa Augustine asked, "Why the sudden urge to go to the Capital?"

Cornelia tried to force a smile, "I've suddenly got a bad taste in my mouth for this city and this place. I'm ready to make tracks."

Grandpa Augustine didn't know what Cornelia had heard over the phone, "Nelly, did Marc really..."

Cornelia said, "Grandpa, let's hit the road. I can't stand to be here another second."

Grandpa Augustine said, "Alright."


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