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Impulsive Vow to an Enigmatic Husband novel Chapter 1302

In a blink of an eye, Brennen turned into a bad guy, especially with all the shady stuff happening at the Hartley Group which smelt like money laundering. So they hauled Brennen into the police station for questioning. Before the investigation, everyone was completely clueless. But once they started digging, a whole bunch of problems popped up.

There was one issue that was particularly serious. If proved, Brennen would be facing the death penalty. The investigators found out that Brennen had actually been secretly manufacturing prohibited drugs and they had even hit the streets.

Brennen, who had been cool as a cucumber, thought the cops were just going through the motions because he hadn't done anything that would show up on the company books. But when he heard the words 'prohibited drugs', that was when he realized things were serious. "What prohibited drugs? I'm a law-abiding citizen, why would I be involved with illegal stuff?" Brennen asked in disbelief.

The interrogator said, "It's not about using prohibited drugs; it's about you manufacturing them. Brennen, come clean. The more you cooperate, the easier it'll be for you. The more you resist, the harder it'll be."

Brennen laughed and said, "Before you try to frame someone, you should at least have some solid evidence. You guys have nothing. Why should I believe you?"

Just as he finished speaking, a familiar figure strode up to him, "Brennen, I've gathered all the evidence you want."

Brennen, seeing who it was, felt a chill, "Dylan, what are you talking about?"

Dylan said, "Brennen, did you really think that threatening my family would make me betray President Hartley? When I had nothing, it was President Hartley who extended his hand to me. He sponsored me to study at the best schools, gave me a job, and let me showcase my abilities. He's not just my boss, he's also my benefactor. Without him, there would be no me. I'm willing to risk my life for him, and so is my family."

Brennen asked, "So you were undercover?"

Dylan said, "How else could I have collected all your criminal evidence?"

Brennen finally caught on, "So when I had you trick Cornelia into my car, Marcus knew about it?"


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