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Impulsive Vow to an Enigmatic Husband novel Chapter 1307

Cornelia couldn't keep anything down. The doctors had to hook her up to an IV to keep her body functioning. This went on for two days, Cornelia kept throwing up whatever she tried to eat. She just couldn't get the nutrients she needed from food.

Everyone knew that if Cornelia didn't start eating soon, not only would her unborn baby be at risk, but her own life would be in danger too.

Grandpa Augustine and his gang tried everything but nothing worked. So, he sent for Zack and Abigail from Riverton to the Capital, hoping they could help.

In just a few days, Cornelia had become frail. Zack and Abigail were heartbroken seeing her like this. Especially Abigail, she was so upset she started crying, "Cornelia, what the hell happened to you?"

Cornelia was lying in bed, looking really off because she'd been surviving on IV fluids for the past two days. Her voice was weak, "Abby, Zack, what brings you here?"

Abigail wiped her tears away, then snapped, "What brings us here? If we didn't come now, the next time we see you might be your and your baby's funeral."

It was harsh, but it was the truth.

Cornelia forced a smile, "I'm sorry! I've made you worry again."

Zack was both worried and angry, "Stop talking nonsense."

Abigail hit him, "Keep it down. Don't scare Cornelia."

Zack said, "Cornelia, you've been through a lot these years. You've survived the hardest times. Now everything's getting better, even if you don't work for the rest of your life, you won't have any problems. But look at what you're doing? When did you become so stubborn? You're hurting yourself over a man who's not worth it."


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