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Impulsive Vow to an Enigmatic Husband novel Chapter 1306

The doctor immediately proposed a solution. The quickest way to bring down Cornelia's fever was to give her an injection of antipyretic, but it might harm the baby in her belly.

Both Grandpa Augustine and the doctor prioritized Cornelia's health. But Cornelia, in her delirium, kept mumbling to herself, clutching her belly, "Daddy doesn't want me anymore, nor does grandma. He left as well. I have nothing left but this child."

Cornelia would never say such things when she was lucid. Saying them now meant her condition was really bad.

Grandpa Augustine was worried sick, but he kept his cool. Throughout this time, Grandpa Augustine stayed by Cornelia's side. He knew how much she cared about her unborn child.

Despite the deep hurt Marcus caused, Cornelia stayed strong. If something were to happen to her child, she might lose it.

Grandpa Augustine held Cornelia's hand tightly and turned to the doctor, "Please try to use physical methods to reduce her temperature. We must ensure both Cornelia and her baby are safe. Neither of them can be harmed."

The doctor seemed a bit stuck, "But Cornelia's fever has been high for a while. If we don't deal with it promptly, it might…"

Grandpa Augustine cut him off coldly, "If you can't do it, just tell me. I'll find another doctor. In a big city like the Capital, I think I can find a competent doctor."

Although physical cooling wasn't the fastest method, since Grandpa Augustine insisted, the doctor had no choice but to try.

While the doctor was busy, Grandpa Augustine, not fully trusting, called in several more doctors. Doctors from all departments were present, ready to aid Cornelia and her baby at a moment's notice. Thanks to the doctors' efforts, Cornelia's temperature finally dropped to normal by noon.


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