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Impulsive Vow to an Enigmatic Husband novel Chapter 1313

Abigail jabbed Dylan in the shoulder, "I know you tricked Cornelia into stealing Brennen's car before. Now Brennen's been nabbed and you're left with no one to lean on, and you want to con me? You think I'm an easy mark, huh?"

"That was a misunderstanding." Dylan replied.

"What misunderstanding?" Abigail asked.

"Agree to be my girlfriend, and I'll explain it all." Dylan responded.

Abigail pointed to the door, "Get out."

"But Abigail, I really like you." Dylan pleaded.

"Dylan, I can't stand you! You make my skin crawl. Can you just not show up in front of me anymore, okay?!" She retorted.

"Abigail." Dylan said.

"If you don't get out now, I'm calling the cops." Abigail threatened, cutting him off.

Abigail was a hot-head, really hard to handle. And from her vibes, she didn't have the hots for him at all, so Dylan had to make himself scarce.

He couldn’t force feelings. They took time.

Dylan had just left when Zack show up, "Abby, what are you peeping at?"

"You remember Dylan, right?" She asked.

"Yeah, what about him?" Zack replied.

"He just left, I was spying on him. He's been waiting here for me for days, says he's got the hots for me and wants to woo me." She explained.


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