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Impulsive Vow to an Enigmatic Husband novel Chapter 1324

Seeing Cornelia in high spirits, Grandpa Augustine's anxiety from the previous night finally eased, "Nelly, I was worried you might not sleep well last night, but looks like you had a good one."

Cornelia said, "Indeed, I slept soundly."

Grandpa Augustine said, "Let's have breakfast first. I'll drive you home later."

"Sure." Cornelia nodded, couldn't help but look around, "Who usually maintains this place, grandpa?"

"Alfredo arranges it." Grandpa Augustine said, "They've been working for the Duran family for many years, we totally trust their work."

Cornelia asked, "How's the security here, grandpa?"

Grandpa Augustine was confused, "Nelly, did something scare you last night?"

Cornelia assured him, "What are you talking about?"

Grandpa Augustine asked, "Why this question then all of a sudden?"

Cornelia said, "I'm just admiring the place, it's beautiful and cool in summer. I'm thinking of bringing the baby here to escape the heat next summer, so I wanted to know about the security, like if outsiders can get in by any means."

Grandpa Augustine said, "If you want to bring the baby here in summer, you can rest assured. The security is top-notch. Ehen the system is on, not even a mosquito can get in."

Cornelia said, "I see." She couldn't help but laugh inwardly, what was she thinking? What was she hoping for?

Grandpa Augustine continued, "Nelly, I heard from Jarvis that you're starting work after Christmas. And with your due date coming up, it's going to be tough. Do you think you could quit and stay home to prepare for the birth?"


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