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Impulsive Vow to an Enigmatic Husband novel Chapter 1325

Luckily, Cornelia was all geared up for this. No matter who popped the question, she had her answers ready, “The Duran family is huge, both in terms of members and business. With so many of you guys backing me up, do you really think I’d worry about not being able to look after my kid?”

Having been with the Duran family for quite some time, Cornelia had gotten the hang of them. They were big on reputation, so she did her best to make them feel valued.

Hearing her say this, everyone was pleased as punch and slowly. People stopped bombarding her with questions. This gave her time to help Grandpa Augustine sort out his Christmas presents, of which he got a ton every year.

Even Grandpa Augustine himself had no clue where most of these presents were from, with a bunch of them just piling up in the storeroom, some even never opened.

This year, Cornelia scored some presents too. She didn’t have many friends, but the ones she had were tight-knit.

Zack and Abigail, as always, were heading back home for Christmas. Their presents to Cornelia were all local specialties, particularly food – heaps of ham and smoked meat, which were a must-have in every household. Upon receiving the food, Cornelia had it cooked up straight away for a feast.

Meanwhile, the gifts from Hannah and Rosie were on the pricier side – there were beauty products, high-end skincare items, baby stuff, and even clothes that the baby wouldn’t fit into until they were five.

Looking at these presents, Cornelia didn’t forget to video call her friends in their group chat, “You guys have sent clothes for ages one through five. Are you planning on my baby never wearing anything new?”

Hannah laughed, “Nelly, you probably don’t know this, but Rosie can’t resist children’s clothes. I’ve tried to tell her to cut back a little, but she wouldn’t listen. She almost cleaned out the entire store.”

Rosie chimed in, “I’d never been to a children’s clothing store before. I didn’t know the clothes there were so adorable, and I was totally drawn in that day. Since you’re the only one among us with a child, we sent you all the children’s clothes.”

Cornelia joked, “You should have a baby with your husband soon.”


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