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Impulsive Vow to an Enigmatic Husband novel Chapter 1326

"But I'm nearly 27, and three years later I’ll be 30. Only he would think I'm still a kid who doesn't know any better." Rosie said.

Cornelia said, "That's just because Lucas spoils you rotten, that's why he talks like that."

Hannah replied, "Rosie, listen here, don't flaunt your love life in front of us divorcees. Careful or we might just gang up and leave you out in the cold."

Rosie retorted, "Who's flaunting? I'm genuinely unsure of his thoughts. I've asked him, but he won't spill the beans. That's why I wanted to hear your take. You're outsiders; you should have a clearer picture."

Cornelia said, "As an outsider, all I see is that Lucas is head over heels for you. If you have doubts, Rosie, ask him directly. Clear the air and quit overthinking."

Just as Hannah was about to speak, her phone buzzed with her brother Farley's voice, "Your ex-husband is here."

Rosie was quick on the uptake, "Hannah, why is President Dixon at your place? Shouldn't he be spending Christmas with his family and girlfriend? Did he only realize what he lost when you were gone?"

Hannah replied, "I don't need him to tell me how good I am."

Rosie continued, "I just want to know why he's seeking you out during Christmas?"

Cornelia listened without interruption. She always had a hunch that Steven hadn't let go of Hannah.

Hannah said, "You two carry on, I'll go see what's up."

In the video call, only two remained.

Rosie said, "Nelly, after Christmas, I'll visit you in the Capital."


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