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Impulsive Vow to an Enigmatic Husband novel Chapter 1334

She was up and at 'em in the kitchen from the crack of dawn.

Lately, she'd been getting a taste of the good life with all the great grub sent over from Goldie's house. So, she thought it was a good time to whip up something delicious herself as a thank you to Goldie.

Goldie was big on desserts, so Cornelia figured she'd probably have a sweet tooth. She decided to make two of her special desserts: caramel pudding and nut cookies.

By the time she finished with both desserts, it was around 10 a.m. She texted Goldie: [Hey Goldie, I'm about to head over. You good?]

Goldie texted back immediately: [Sure thing. I'll meet you at your place.]

Cornelia replied: [No need to bother, I can make it myself.]

After sending the message, she grabbed her desserts and headed out. She was surprised to see a beautiful middle-aged woman standing at her doorstep just as she left her yard.

The lady gave her a warm smile, "You must be Nelly."

Cornelia asked, "Are you Goldie?"

This was the first time Cornelia had met Goldie. The food had always been delivered by Goldie's house help. Cornelia had been meaning to pay her a visit, but she seemed to be always super busy.

Goldie shook Cornelia's hand, saying warmly, "Yeah, I'm Goldie. Nice to meet ya."

Cornelia said, "I'm glad to meet you too. Goldie, these are some desserts I made. Try them out and see if you like them."

Goldie took the dessert box, saying, "If you made it, we're bound to love it."

She didn't specify who 'we' were. She just casually looked back.

Cornelia laughed, "I've been meaning to visit you for a while now, but you always seemed so busy. I kept missing the chance."

Goldie said, "I'm usually swamped with work, so I'm rarely home. When I am, I love to cook. Some people have told me my food sucks, but you've been kind, praising it."

Cornelia said, "Sucks? Your desserts are the best I've ever had."


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