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Impulsive Vow to an Enigmatic Husband novel Chapter 1335

Goldie was so enthusiastic and constantly preparing all sorts of stuff, which made Cornelia really overwhelmed, "Goldie, I just wanted to pop by and have a chat. Didn't mean to cause you all this fuss."

Goldie replied, "Don't be a stranger. We're neighbors, with lots of connections. You should swing by more often."

Cornelia had been living in the Capital for over half a year and made lots of acquaintances through Grandpa Augustine.

Many people would sing her praises in front of Grandpa Augustine, but behind her back, they'd call her an illegitimatewild child. Some even said she had tricked Grandpa Augustine with her schemes, and sneaked her way into the Duran family.

Long story short, she couldn't really fit in with the Duran's crowd. But she always liked being on her own and never had the intention to fit in with those fancy folks. So, during these six months, except for Grandpa Augustine and Emily, Cornelia had hardly found anyone in the Capital she could chat with.

Goldie's presence just filled the emotional void in Cornelia's life. After chatting with Goldie on WhatsApp a few days ago, they hit it off. Cornelia cared a lot about this online friend, "Alright then, I'll take you up on that. As long as you don't mind, I'll be around often."

"I'll have more free time at home once I cut down on work. Feel free to drop by, we can even make desserts together." Goldie waved her hand and someone brought a jug of juice.

Cornelia didn't like coffee, and Goldie seemed to know this, so she prepared juice instead.

Goldie poured a glass of juice for Cornelia, "Nelly, is there anything you can't eat?"

"No preferences. I like everything." Cornelia put her hand on her belly, "And my baby is very well-behaved, not fussy at all. I didn't really have any special reactions during my pregnancy, I can eat and sleep well."

Goldie said, "Actually, pregnancy isn't the hard part. The real challenge is from the time the child is born until they turn three. I heard your hubby isn't with you, have you found a nanny? If not, I know some good ones, I can recommend some to you."

Cornelia replied, "Goldie, thanks for your kindness, but my grandpa has already sorted it out for me."


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