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Impulsive Vow to an Enigmatic Husband novel Chapter 1336

Goldie said, "Yeah, you know, being healthy and safe is what it's all about."

They chatted for ages, mostly about day-to-day stuff. Before they knew it, two hours had passed.

Goldie had her maid whip up some lunch. Before they ate, Cornelia had to use the loo.

There was a sandalwood scent in the bathroom that felt really familiar to her. She glanced around and found out it was indeed a brand she recognized.

Back when she was living in the Celestial Chateau, Patricia would always have this kind of sandalwood in every bathroom to keep it smelling fresh. This sandalwood wasn't cheap though, and not something an average family could afford.

Seemed like it could be a rich people thing.

Coming out of the bathroom, Cornelia asked, "Goldie, did you get the place done up when you moved in?"

Caught off guard, Goldie then smiled and said, "Yeah, I got it all spruced up. Everyone's got their own taste in decor. Even if the previous owner had it looking mint, if the next one isn't into it, it's a no go."

Cornelia said, "You got that right."

Goldie said, "Nelly, let's eat, shall we?"

Cornelia said, "Sure."

All the dishes were Cornelia's favorite Rosenberg cuisine. There was roast meat, black pepper pork chops and so on.

Goldie was being a really gracious host, and Cornelia felt a bit uneasy. She casually cut a piece of black pepper pork chop to taste.


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