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Love Comes After Marriage novel Chapter 630

"Get ready, we are heading to your audition soon."

"You haven't told me what type of drama or film it is yet..." Chen Xingyan queried as she followed behind An Zihao.

"You will know when you get there," An Zihao maintained the mystery as he gave a charming smile. Actually...when An Zihao wasn't dull and boring, he was quite attractive. It's just, he was always acting serious. Chen Xingyan sometimes thought to herself, if this man smoked and raced, how cool would he be? But, he was exactly the opposite.

How boring!

It didn't take long before An Zihao arrived at the auditions with Chen Xingyan. The auditions were held at one of Beijing's most famous training grounds. And the reason why the production crew chose to hold the auditions here was because they wanted to select the very best action star.

Chen Xingyan took a quick glance at the name: 'The Savage Wars'. It was an American sci-fi film!

However, what they wanted was not a stunt double, but an action star. A role that needed to appear on camera!

Chen Xingyan immediately turned to escape. But, An Zihao ended up locking her in the car, "Why are you trying to run away?"

"I know this film. They don't need stunt doubles. Don't forget what you promised me."

"If this was Tangning and she was given a similar opportunity, but she was afraid of appearing on camera, she would do everything she could to overcome her fear. Because she knows, a person that runs away, has no future."

"Firstly, I am not Tangning! Secondly, I don't like to be lectured!" Chen Xingyan said in an awkward voice. "I hate it when people compare me to others. I enjoy freedom and being able to do whatever I like."

"Only those that are capable are allowed to say 'no'!" An Zihao pulled out Chen Xingyan's contract and threw it at her. "Have a look at the 6th term in the contract."

Chen Xingyan immediately flipped through the contract and saw, clearly written under term 6 that during the contract period, she was not allowed to reject any reasonable arrangements made by her manager.

"You tricked me?"

"You're welcome to get out of the car now...but please leave behind your compensation of $20 million," An Zihao warned. "I'm certain I have the ability to change your arrogant attitude."

Seeing An Zihao was serious and more fierce then she was, she immediately became serious...

In other words, she had always been the type to bully the weak and submit to the strong and she especially liked those that were capable of controlling her.

"Let me first make things clear. If anything goes wrong, don't blame me."

Although Chen Xingyan wasn't completely obedient towards An Zihao, she at least did not retaliate.

An Zihao stepped out of the car and led Chen Xingyan into the training grounds. Plenty of highly skilled actresses were already inside and ready to go.

Chen Xingyan was still casual about the situation. When she saw others audition, her expression was full of mockery.

"There are still a dozen people before you."

"I'll go to the bathroom first," Chen Xingyan said as she nudged An Zihao away.

An Zihao did not follow her. After all, he had her tied to him with $20 million. In reality, Chen Xingyan actually had the intention to run away. But, just as she stepped into the bathroom, she overheard some chatter.

"Did you guys see An Zihao? The one that received a Fei Tian Award for Best Newcomer Director?"

"The one that had an affair with Tangning?" one of the girls tried to whisper, but Chen Xingyan still heard her clearly.

"Shhh...do you want to be punished by Hai Rui? Right now, everyone is trying to save themselves. An Zihao is the only one that treats the entire incident like nothing happened. He even brought his artist here for an audition. Did you see the young girl he brought? She's at most 20-years-old and not bad looking. But, it's obvious that she's no decent action star."

"No need to state the obvious. At her age, what skills could she possibly have?"

Hearing this, Chen Xingyan immediately threw open the doors and stormed over to the two women standing at the sink. As she washed her hands, she turned and looked at them.


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