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Love Comes After Marriage novel Chapter 631

As soon as Mo Ting agreed to allow the old woman into Hyatt Regency, he immediately instructed Fang Yu to do a background check. It turned out, the woman's surname was Bai and her first name was Lihua. She was originally from a rich family, but her family went bankrupt. It was at that time that her home encountered a fire and her face was burnt. That was also when she met her savior, Chen Boyao. As the couple got to know each other, they eventually fell in love and gave birth to Chen Xingyan.

After confirming the woman's past, Tangning gave her a phone call.

As Lu Che was overseas, Mo Ting naturally put the entire responsibility of hiring the old woman into Long Jie's hands.

After arriving at Hyatt regency and seeing the old woman, Long Jie couldn't help but analyze why she had a mask on. The woman couldn't hide, so she had no choice but to explain, "I became like this after getting burnt in a fire many years ago."

"Does Tangning know about this?" Long Jie was simply worried that the woman's scars would frighten Tangning.

"Yes, she knows," Bai Lihua nodded her head. "Don't worry, I will take good care of her."

"It's best that you do." Since Mo Ting had already approved of this woman, Long Jie wasn't worried about her character. And, of course, with Tangning's abilities, it was impossible to make a move under her surveillance.

So, it didn't take long before the two women arrived inside Tangning and Mo Ting's home. At this moment, Tangning was practicing the script of 'Concubine Ning'.

"Since your surname is Bai, I will call you 'Auntie Bai' from now on. Long Jie will help you arrange everything else," Tangning said as she put down her script. She was extremely friendly and did not put up a front at all.

Bai Lihua felt very comfortable. At home, Tangning was even more quiet, graceful and gentle as a Chrysanthemum flower. In fact, she was incomparably extraordinary and refined.

"OK, Mrs Mo."

"You can call me Tangning."

She did not want to have a master-servant relationship with Bai Lihua.

"Let's go. I'll show you around the house."

Bai Lihua nodded at Long Jie. Just as she was about to turn around, she seemed to have remembered something. So, she looked at Tangning and asked, "Have you thought of a way to deal with Hua Wenfeng yet?"

"How could something like that be an issue for our Tangning?" Long Jie answered on behalf of Tangning.

"That's good. If you need any help, just let me know," Bai Lihua said sincerely as usual.

Tangning nodded as she watched Long Jie lead Bai Lihua away to explore the house. She then returned her focus to her script.


"Has Hua Wenfeng always been this bad to Tangning?" Bai Lihua asked as she was shown around the house.

"Uh huh. She has been like this from the day that she returned from overseas," Long Jie replied contemptuously. "Her hatred towards Tangning is ridiculous. As you saw, she has created so much trouble for Tangning since her return."

"What is the reason?"

"Who knows? She slandered Tangning for hurting her, claimed that Tangning was cheating on Mo Ting and even said that Tangning's child is unhealthy. I've never seen such an awful mother-in-law."

Bai Lihua subconsciously clenched her fists.

"Don't worry, she will pay back for each incident, one at a time."

Long Jie froze after hearing these words...

Was she imagining things? Or did this old woman appear to hate Hua Wenfeng even more than they did?


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