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Madam Escaped Again, Sir (Lillian Hawkins and Eric Walker) novel Chapter 630

As she thought about it, Sonia took a deep breath and mentally braced herself to endure the disgust when she carefully gazed at the computer screen to observe who the person was.

Although it was difficult to recognize the person’s face, she could still tell that he was a man from the outline of his face.

However, the more she looked at his outline, the more familiar the person was. Where have I seen him before? Where?

She bit her nails and had a pensive


Suddenly, a feminie and beautiful face flashed through her mind.

As Sonia’s face was filled with shock, she couldn’t help but scream, “Declan!”

“Bingo!” On the other end, the smile on Lucius’ face grew more malicious when he heard the name. “Sonia, you are so brilliant. I can’t believe you recognize him that quickly.”

She felt her heart numbing. “It really is Declan. Why did you... ruin his face like this?!”

“No! No! No!" Lucius wagged his index finger. “I didn’t just ruin his face. I also broke all four of his limbs.”

His voice was extremely gentle as if he was saying something normal, sending chills down Sonia’s spine.

Usually, the calmer a person was after committing such a crime, the more terrifying that person was.

Carl’s other personality is a monster. Not only did he ruin Declan's face, he also amputated all the man's limbs. She didn’t want to look at the next few photos, but they were probably images of Declan’s amputated limbs.

Thinking about it, Sonia could feel her stomach churning again, so she quickly closed her mailbox and leaned against the corner of the table before retching again.

This time, it felt more intense because her entire face was red due to his discomfort. Even her eyes and neck had already turned the color of crimson.

As Lucius listened to her retching, he knew that she must have felt uncomfortable at that moment, but he didn’t feel any remorse. Instead, he had a soothing smile because he intentionally sent those photos to her. Serves her right for treating me differently from that idiotic Carl. This shall serve as a small lesson to her.

Looking at the bustling city through the French window, he feigned concern as he asked, “Sonia, are you alright?”

Sonia gasped for air and roared, “You monster!”

He squinted his eyes with dangerous intent. “Oh, I’m a monster? Why am I a monster? Why are you saying that, Sonia? Don’t you know that I’m avenging you?”

As expected, she is a biased woman. If Carl had done the same, I wouldn't be surprised that she wouldn't say the same thing to him.

“Are you not a monster?” An angry Sonia bit her lips. “What were you thinking when you did this to him?”


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