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Madam Escaped Again, Sir (Lillian Hawkins and Eric Walker) novel Chapter 631

Soon, the call was answered and a woman’s exhausted voice was heard. “President Reed.”

“Rebecca, long time no see.” Sonia rubbed her cheeks to relax her facial muscles to reveal a smile.

On the other end, Rebecca also smiled. “Yes, it’s been so long since we last contacted each other. President Reed, how have you been recently?”

“I’m doing well,” Sonia answered with a smile as she thought about Toby. “There has been a huge change too.” It had been a month since Rebecca’s departure. A month ago, Sonia had sworn that she would never fall in love with Toby again, let alone get together with him, but she was forced to swallow her words four weeks later.

Therefore, it was true that there was a huge change.

“What about you, Rebecca?” Sonia retracted her thoughts and asked, “How have you been? I can hear from your voice that you are tired. What are you doing at the moment?”

On the other end, Rebecca slightly lowered her head and remained silent for a few seconds before answering, “I’m boxing at the gym. I have nothing else to do, so I came over to pass the time.”

“I see.” Sonia nodded, not feeling that there was something amiss with the answer.

Then, Rebecca cradled her phone on her shoulder and walked out of the ring while removing her boxing gloves. “By the way, President Reed, why did you call me?”

Sonia gave a simple reply as her face grew solemn. “I received a call from Lucius earlier. Do you know what he has done... to Declan?”

She didn’t dare to describe Declan’s horrible situation because it was too graphic for her to repeat the imagery.

“I’ve heard about it.” Rebecca threw the gloves on the couch in the resting area before sitting down to reply to Sonia.

As Sonia listened to the reply, she tilted her head in confusion. “You’ve heard about it? Aren’t you the one specifically responsible for his safety? Why is it that you have only heard about it?”

When Rebecca discovered that Lucius was actually Carl, she had stayed by his side as a personal bodyguard and never left him.

Therefore, it was logical to think that she should have known firsthand about Lucius torturing Declan instead of learning about it through rumors.

It seemed as though something was wrong.

Sensing Sonia’s confusion, Rebecca breathed a sigh while her eyes darkened on the other end of the line. “President Reed, I’m no longer his bodyguard.”

“What?!” Sonia was shocked. “You’re no longer his bodyguard?” “Yes.” Rebecca nodded.

“What happened?”

Rebecca took the can of energy drink on the coffee table in front of her and took a sip. “It’s because he doesn’t trust me. He feels that the person I'm loyal to is Carl instead of him, so he has transferred me to another place. Now, I have lots of time on my hands. My daily job is to patrol the estate and nothing else.”

“I see.” It was Sonia’s turn to nod. “He really is distrustful.”

“Actually, he’s right. The person I’m loyal to is indeed Carl and not him. I reckon he saw through me and transferred me out after his return to the Hayes Family so that I won’t interfere with his plans.” Rebecca shrugged her shoulders as if she didn’t care.

Sonia sighed. “Does that mean you won’t know what he is doing from now on?”

“Not quite. I’m still the top dog among the Hayes Family’s team of bodyguards. My subordinates will still send news to me from time to time. It was them who told me about Declan. I heard that he badly tortured Declan.” Rebecca placed her drink down on the table.

Sonia replied, “It’s grotesque. He has just sent photos of it over and it really scared the hell out of me. At the same time, it made me realize that he is an uncompromising devil. We can’t let a devil like him continue existing in this world, so I want to ask you whether there’s a way of waking Carl up and allowing him to take control of his body again. However, by the looks of it, I don’t think there’s any way for it to happen.”

When Rebecca left Seafield, Sonia had reminded her to always keep an eye on Lucius so that she could wake Carl up at any given chance.

However, now that Rebecca was no longer beside Lucius, there was naturally no way for Carl to regain consciousness.

Rebecca seemed to understand what Sonia thought, so she lay down on the couch and replied lazily, “President Reed, don’t worry because there is indeed a way. Even though I haven’t been by his side, I have been looking into some information about ways to bring someone back to their bodies.”

As she listened to Rebecca, Sonia’s eyes brightened. “Have you found anything?”

“At the moment, I have found some clues, but there are way too many methods that I don’t know which ones are useful, so I’m still clueless for the time being. I plan to ask some professionals to determine which method is the most effective before using it. Just like you, I also want to bring Carl back as soon as possible. After all, his other personality is indeed extremely evil. Although Carl isn’t that better of a person, this Lucius fellow is far worse than him. It isn’t ideal to keep him for a long time.”


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