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Madam Escaped Again, Sir (Lillian Hawkins and Eric Walker) novel Chapter 635

Sonia hastily removed her glasses and turned around to look at him. It was only then that she noticed his head was leaning against her shoulder.

Moving her shoulder, she called out softly, “Toby?”

However, he didn’t respond.

Just then, Sonia moved her head forward to take a look at him. From the flickering lights of the screen, she saw that his eyes were shut tightly and there was a peaceful look on his face.

Has he fallen asleep? Slightly surprised,

Sonia was quite speechless too.

I can’t imagine how horrible he finds this movie to be to actually fall asleep while watching it!

It made sense, though. This movie was advertised as a historical war film about spies, but the main storyline was actually a love story.

For an ordinary male, this was not the type of movie they would enjoy, much less something Toby would watch.

“Since you don’t like this type of movie, why did you buy tickets for this?” Sonia looked at the man’s

sleeping face as she softly murmured with a perplexed expression.

She didn’t intend to wake him up. After all, the movie had only started for half an hour and there was another one and a half an hour left to it. If she woke him up now but he ended up not enjoying it, he would fall asleep yet again. Therefore, it would make more sense to let him continue sleeping.

Sonia reached out and pulled the lapels of Toby’s jacket closer together.

The heater was on in the screening room and the temperature was just nice when one was awake, but someone asleep would definitely feel the coldness.

Sonia didn’t have an extra jacket to cover him with, so the only thing she could do was to pull his lapels closer so that he was wrapped more tightly to retain some warmth.

After Sonia had done all that, she then put her glasses back on and continued to enjoy the movie.

The moment she turned her head in the direction of the screen, the man who was fast asleep on her shoulder suddenly opened his eyes.

He didn’t move his head, but his eyes roved about and he lowered his eyelids to look down.

Just then, he noticed that the jacket he was wearing had been buttoned up and the smile on his face deepened.

Earlier, Toby had been about to fall asleep but he was woken up when she called his name.

However, he didn’t open his eyes because he wanted to find out whether she would directly force him to get up.

Unexpectedly, Sonia didn’t do so. On the contrary, she allowed him to continue sleeping and she even buttoned up his jacket for him because she didn’t want him to feel cold. After that, she had also gently readjusted the position of his head to allow him to lean on her more comfortably.

Her heart-warming actions made Toby want to open his eyes immediately and pull her into his arms.

However, he couldn’t do so because she was under the impression that he was sound asleep. If he opened his eyes, Sonia would instantly realize that he had been pretending to be asleep and had intentionally wanted to check her reaction. She might even be upset with him because of that.

As such, Toby decided that it was a wiser decision to keep his eyes shut. Nonetheless, that didn’t mean that he couldn’t hug her.

As he thought of that, he suddenly lifted his right hand, which had been hanging loosely by his side, and he wrapped it around her soft waist.

Meanwhile, Sonia was stunned in place and her body instinctively stiffened.

After all, one would definitely get a fright if they were suddenly held by the waist by someone.

At that point, they were in a corner and there was only her and Toby around, so it was quite obvious who the person who hugged her was.

She grimaced and lowered her head to take a look. Indeed, his hand was placed around her waist and several of his fingers were bent and hooked around her waist snugly.

He wasn’t even asleep? His hand shouldn’t be in such a position. Someone who’s sound asleep with a hand on another person’s waist wouldn't have their hand in such a position. Their hands should be hanging loosely by the side. Gosh! I nearly got fooled by him!

“Wake up.” Sonia lifted her hand to shove him. “Hurry up and wake up.

Stop pretending.”

However, Toby didn’t move a finger and he didn’t have any intention of waking up at all.

Just then, Sonia frowned. “Toby, are you sure that you want to continue pretending? I’ll throw you out if you keep this up.”

Meanwhile, Toby maintained his original position without moving an inch.


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