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Madam Escaped Again, Sir (Lillian Hawkins and Eric Walker) novel Chapter 636

“You’re back? That was quick.” Sonia put down her cell phone and stood up as soon as she saw him approaching.

Toby hummed before he softly replied, “Yes, I’m back.”

He enjoyed hearing her saying the words ‘you’re back’. It made him feel as if she was welcoming him back home.

“What did you get?” Sonia glanced at his right hand and noticed that he was holding onto a blue towel. The towel was bulging and there seemed to be something wrapped within it.

Confused, she glanced at him. “Why did you buy a towel?”

“I didn’t buy this.” Toby walked over toward her and sat down. “They gave it to me for free.”

Just then, he glanced toward the concession stand.

“Oh” Meanwhile, Sonia dragged on the word as she stared at him with a meaningful look. “It’s free?”

“Yup.” Toby nodded in response.

At that moment, Sonia pursed up her lips. “If my eyes don’t fail me, that cashier is a female, right? You just accepted something random given to you by a female. Is that because you don’t want to hurt her feelings?”

Just then, Toby lifted his eyebrows quizzically as soon as he heard the slightly sour note in Sonia’s voice.

He lowered his head and glanced at the towel in his hand before turning to look at Sonia, who was evidently quite upset, and he couldn’t help but chuckle.

Meanwhile, she turned to him with widened eyes. “How dare you laugh right now? What’s so funny about this?!”

“Alright, alright. I’ll stop.” Toby coughed slightly and he stopped laughing instantly upon finishing his words.

However, the smile in his eyes was unmistakable.

“Are you jealous?” He glanced at her and asked.

At that moment, Sonia’s expression turned slightly and she shifted her head to the other direction as she replied without even meaning her words, “I’m not jealous at all! Why would I be?”

Meanwhile, Toby clearly saw through her tough act and he patted the spot next to him. “You’ve misunderstood. This was because I cut the queue before the movie started and then I bought everything they had in their store to give back to the crowd as a thank-you gift. The staff gave this to me for free upon realizing that I needed it, because I helped them hit their sales target in advance.”

So that’s why! It wasn't because of his good looks that the cashier gave it to him for free. Well, that makes sense. After all, who would give someone a towel as a gift to express their feelings?

Just then, Sonia suddenly realized that she was mistakenly jealous and she couldn’t contain the flush on her face. Slightly abashed, she murmured softly, “I’m sorry for blaming you wrongly.”

Upon hearing that, Toby placed the towel in his hand down and ruffled her hair. “It’s fine. There’s no need for you to apologize. On the contrary, I’m quite happy that you blamed me wrongly.”

“What?” Sonia lifted her head to look at him. “Why do you say so?”

“Isn’t your jealousy an indication that you care about me?” Toby lowered his eyes and he met her gaze.

Meanwhile, Sonia lowered her head slightly and she didn’t say another word.

Toby noticed her reddened ears and he chuckled lightly once again before steering her to a seat. Subsequently, he took the towel, which he had placed aside earlier, and stretched out his hand toward her.

Sonia was startled by his actions. “What are you doing?”

“This is for you to place over your eyes to soothe it,” Toby said while placing the towel over her eyes.

Just then, she felt a cool sensation over her eyes and she couldn’t help shutting her eyes.

Oh—it’s ice wrapped inside the towel'.

“So, the item that you wanted to get was ice?” Sonia asked.

Toby hummed in affirmation. “You cried too much in the screening room and your eyes looked slightly swollen. If you don’t place a cool compress on it, you’ll surely wake up with swollen eyes tomorrow.”

“You’re the one who will end up with swollen eyes!” Sonia retorted.

Toby just replied in a serious tone, “I won’t, because I didn’t cry.”

“Are you very proud of that fact right now?” Sonia grimaced slightly.

He chuckled in response. “Alright, stop moving around. The towel’s about to slide down your face.”

Sonia grunted and sat there without moving an inch.

Half an hour later, Toby felt that the ice wrapped inside the towel had started to melt, and it was no longer bulging like before.

He didn’t plan to continue keeping the compress on because once the ice melted into water, the water would drip downward and would wet Sonia’s outfit.


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