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Marriage Without Love: Sir, Please Stop novel Chapter 101

Chapter 101 One Last Chance

"Lina, Mr. Shaffer seems to have wavered. Your previous effort is not in vain. You are indeed a capable person. I have always had confidence in you!"

While excitedly speaking, Felix put a pile of materials into Catalina's hands and said "So, I can only count on you now."

"But I..."

"Don't refuse me! It is an order! I have promised my supervisor we can nail it."

Catalina was speechless.

"Lina, the performance of the editorial department this month entirely depends on you. If you successfully interview Bennett Shaffer, the other colleagues will believe you deserve the title of Excellent Employee!"

She could hear Felix was intentionally putting pressure on her, so she felt helpless.

Felix clenched his fists to cheer her on, saying, "Lina, believe in yourself! You can do it! Go for it!"

Catalina wavered and sighed with her head down, "Okay, I'll have another try!"

Although she was unwilling, she must take the order.

"Great! You don't have to come to the company for the next few days. I will arrange for other people to take over your other work. Your priority now is to follow Mr. Shaffer and persuade him into accepting your interview, understand?"

Judging from Felix's words, he wanted her to follow Bennett twenty-four hours a day. Wasn't it too exaggerated?

After getting out of the office, Catalina had an internal struggle and finally mustered up the courage to call Bennett.

Early depart, early revive. It was a make-or-break move.

"Beep! Beep!"

Catalina had not waited for long when Bennett answered the call and asked, "Who's that?"

When his cold voice reached her ear through the phone, she could not tell his mood because his tone was emotionless. But she knew he was asking while knowing the answer.

However, she still could only bite the bullet and replied, "This is Catalina."

While waiting for his response, she bit her lower lip. Unexpectedly, there was a long silence on the phone. And he didn't seem to want to reply. So, the current noise sounded particularly incongruous.

The more silent he was, the more nervous she felt. And she had no clue what he was thinking now.

After a while, she couldn't bear it anymore, so she broke the silence and asked, "Can we talk?"

Her tone was much humbler than last time.

Bennett remained silent for a few seconds before he finally ordered in an emotionless voice, "Repeat my last sentence that day."

Catalina did not understand want he meant, so she asked, "What?"

He remained silent without giving her a hint, so she could only think by herself with a deep frown.

Ten seconds later, she finally understood what he meant and said, "I see."

"Do you remember it?"

"Yes," Catalina nodded and bit her lower lip.

Bennett nonchalantly said, "Repeat it."

She had no choice but to bite the bullet and repeat his last sentence that day, saying, "If you leave before I come out, I will never accept the interview! Go out and wait for me!"

Bennett lazily leaned back and sneered at the phone, "I did not expect you to remember it."

"Mr. Shaffer, I'm sorry. I should not have left without permission that day," Catalina sincerely apologized and almost bowed to the phone.

When he fell silent again, she said, "Bennett, we're sincere. And..."

"Appear in front of me within thirty minutes. We will never talk about this matter even if you are a second late. Catalina, it is your last chance."

"Where are you now?"

While speaking, Catalina rushed to her desk, picked up the recorder from the table, and ran outward like lightning.

"In my office."

"Are you in the company? If so, please tell your receptionists about my visit in advance. Otherwise, they will not let me in."


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