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Marriage Without Love: Sir, Please Stop novel Chapter 102

Chapter 102 The Meaning

Fortunately, it was a wooden floor, so she wouldn't bruise her head and bleed.

Catalina fell to the floor, gasping for breath. Her bangs had been soaked with sweat, sticking to her forehead wetly, which was embarrassing.

Directly opposite, the man in the main seat looked neat in a suit.

He was sitting there aloof like a king, imposing and dignified.

It formed a sharp contrast with Catalina who was in a mess on the floor.

But Catalina didn't care about it. Of course, she didn't have time to care.

She was just here for work.

She raised her hand and looked at the watch on her wrist, "Three, two, one! Time is up!"

She smiled at Bennett, "Mr. Shaffer, can we start the interview now?"

Bennett raised his eyebrows slightly, "When did I say I would accept your interview?"

"Are you going back on your word?!"

Catalina quickly got up from the floor.

Bennett pushed away the swivel chair, got up, and strode towards her, "I've never agreed to accept your interview. I just said I could give you a chance to convince me."

Catalina bit her lips and glared at him angrily.

Bennett put his hands in his pockets and strode towards her, "Who allowed you to change people temporarily?"

He stared at her condescendingly, looking dangerous.

"... What?" Catalina panicked.

She was forced to step back again and again.

"You think I'm someone you can hit on when you want to, right?"

"Of...of course not!" Catalina put her hands on her chest defensively.

He was Bennett. How dare she hit on him casually?!

Catalina was forced to retreat and finally, her back hit the door heavily.

There was no way out.

"Then what do you mean?" Bennett looked cold.

He clasped Catalina's jaw with his old long fingers, and raised it domineeringly, "Look at me! Answer me!"

He looked fierce as if he would break her neck at any time if she protested.

"I..." Catalina was so nervous that she gasped.

In the end, she closed her eyes and gritted her teeth, "Okay, I will tell you!"

She opened her eyes and raised her head to meet his sharp gaze, and asked loudly, "What do you think of me or Claire now?"

Bennett frowned.

It seemed he hadn't expected that she would suddenly ask this question.

"I know you don't like me, and even hate me. You only want to avenge your brother, so you are trying your best to humiliate me, right? I know I should apologize to the Shaffer family and Warren. So I accept your humiliation. But what about Claire? Don't you think you should respect her more?"

Bennett looked cold, "When did I disrespect her?"

"You have never respected her! You like her, but you forced me to marry me! You just kissed her, but you... kissed me..." Catalina found it hard to say it.

She blushed with shame.


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