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Marriage Without Love: Sir, Please Stop novel Chapter 112

Chapter 112

The next day.

Outside the cabin, golden sunlight filtered through the lush leaves, casting dappled patterns of shimmering gold that warmed everything within.

Catalina turned over, and groggily woke from her pleasant dream.

Opening her eyes, she noticed the spot next to her was empty.

Bennett was gone.

When did he get up? She hadn't sensed a thing.

Catalina checked the time. To her surprise, it was already past ten in the morning.

When did she become such a heavy sleeper?

Catalina annoyedly slapped her forehead.

"I've said I wouldn't sleep so much here!"

She had lost a dozen hours with that sleep.

A day was just twenty-four hours.

Catalina quickly got up.

Just as she was about to head back to the villa to freshen up, a tinkling sound suddenly reached her ears from beneath the tree.

It was the crisp sound of a bicycle bell.

Sitting in the cabin, Catalina glanced down.

She saw a figure in white sitting on the bicycle. Straddling with two long legs, Bennett's feet rested on the ground, and a pair of fair and clean ankles were revealed.

Bennett looked up at her, who was inside the cabin. "Hey, come down, I'll take you for a ride."

Catalina was somewhat dazed.

Under the tree, Bennett wore a white shirt. Without any tie, he had casually unbuttoned the top two buttons, and exposed a hint of his tanned skin.

His long legs were encased in tailored trousers, accentuating his trim figure even more.

Bennett was truly perfect.

Wherever he went, and whatever he did, he was always handsome, elegant, flawless, and exuding a charming aura.

He was absolutely irresistible.

Catalina stared for a few seconds.

"Hey Catalina!"

Bennett furrowed his brows, and rang the bell again. He impatiently reminded Catalina, who was inside the cabin, "Are you even listening to me?"

"Oh yeah, I heard you!"

Catalina finally snapped out of it.

She shouted in response and stepped out of the cabin. She descended the ladder, "Hey, wait for me a bit, I'll go wash my face and change clothes."

Catalina hopped down from the wooden ladder and dashed into the villa looking disheveled.

She hurriedly freshened up and changed her clothes.

Then, she put on a new dress.

She thought about putting on some makeup. But one look at the man waiting under the acacia tree made her hesitant.

If she made Bennett wait another half hour, he might just charge in and furiously twist her head off.

So, she felt it was probably better not to challenge the authority of Bennett.

Catalina quickly ran a comb through her long hair. After confirming that her reflection in the mirror was somewhat presentable, she hastily rushed out of the room with the hem of her dress in hand.

She had just stepped into the living room when she was intercepted by one of the villa's servants.

"Miss Grant, this is your breakfast."


"It's already packed for you."

Catalina took it from the servant. She opened it to take a look, and found a bottle of milk, with a few slices of bread, a couple of cherry tomatoes, and a few apple candies.

Catalina was pleased, "Thanks, I'll eat it on the way."

Holding her breakfast bag, she left the villa contentedly.

Her mood was great.

Firstly, the weather was nice today.

Sunny and pleasant, with birds chirping and flowers blooming.

Secondly, she had her favorite candy to munch on.

Thirdly, Bennett was taking her for a ride.

Though she found it quite unbelievable.

Catalina skipped over to Bennett with a bounce in her step, "Want some candy?"

She asked.

As she spoke, she casually unwrapped a candy and popped it into her mouth.

Bennett looked at the candy in her mouth and furrowed his brows, "Yeap."


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