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Marriage Without Love: Sir, Please Stop novel Chapter 113

Chapter 113

Catalina was envious of Bennett.

He could come to such a beautiful place often, but she couldn't.

Perhaps, this was her one and only chance in a lifetime.

"Bennett, stop the bike, stop!"


Bennett hit the brakes and brought the bike to a halt. He turned his head to look at Catalina.

Catalina grabbed her skirt and gracefully hopped off the bike.

"I might not have a chance to come here again in the future, so I want to take a picture as a keepsake."

Catalina explained as she pulled out her phone from her bag. After a moment of hesitation, she decided to hand the phone over to Bennett. "Could you take the picture for me, please? Just one!"

Catalina was worried Bennett might not agree.

Bennett gave her a sidelong glance. Then after a few seconds, he reluctantly accepted her phone.

Catalina was elated, "Oh, thank you!"

With excitement, Catalina rushed over to stand under the locust tree. She raised her hand and made a 'peace' sign.

Bennett remained seated on the bike, with his feet on the ground.

Bennett was holding the phone but not looking at the screen. His gaze remained fixed on the white figure under the locust tree.

She displayed a row of gleaming teeth and smiled at him. Her crescent-shaped eyes and brows were like the moon. Her innocent, naive smile and carefree expression resembled the determined little girl from his childhood.

Bennett's heart was jolted fiercely.

Complex emotions surged within him.

"Did you take the picture?"

Seeing Bennett staring at her and lost in thought for a moment, Catalina asked.

Bennett snapped out of his thoughts and glanced at the screen. With a sharp 'click', he pressed the shutter button, "Yeap, took it."

Catalina quickly ran back to take a look.

"Let me see!"

Anticipation filled Catalina as she opened the photo.

Upon seeing herself on the screen, she couldn't help but roll her eyes in dissatisfaction.

"Hey, I blinked, and I was talking too. Don't you ever check the screen?"

Catalina was on the verge of frustration.

Facing Catalina's reprimand, Bennett remained unfazed and showed no remorse for what he had done, "Good-looking people always look good no matter how you take their picture."

"Do you really think this photo of me looks good?"

Catalina hadn't expected Bennett to actually compliment her.

After a brief silence, Bennett clarified, "What I mean is, if you don't look good, don't blame others for their poor photography skills."


Catalina grew irritated, "Fine, forget about it. I was naive and foolish to hope that a simple-minded guy like you could take a good photo of me. I'll just take a selfie, okay?"

Catalina talked as she snatched her phone and returned to her original spot.

She kept posing in front of the raised phone, making all sorts of quirky gestures. Her smile had stiffened, but she remained enthusiastic about taking photos.

Bennett glanced back at the sunlight behind him.

Golden rays filtered through the leaves and cast dappled patterns on her, as if gifting her with a radiant aura.

He took out his own phone and held it up high.

The lens captured his huge face.

Not far behind him, under the expanse of the white locust tree, a small figure was busy taking selfies.

A stiff smile tugged at the corners of Bennett's lips.


Shutter pressed.

Within the lens, two figures, one in front of the other, were captured sharply.

Indeed, handsome people looked good no matter how you photographed them.

This was their first photo together, and it might just be the only one.

It might even...

Be the last one!

Bennett put away his phone.

"Hey! Let's go!"

He sat on the bike and rang the bell.


He kept urging Catalina.

"Coming, coming!"

While responding loudly, Catalina took a few more shots before jogging back.

"Wait, let me show you what real photography is."

Catalina proudly displayed the selfies she had just taken, and flipped through them. "Look!"


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