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Marriage Without Love: Sir, Please Stop novel Chapter 120

Chapter 120

"Aren't you afraid of backlash saying these in front of the Lord Buddha?"

"Kyler, show her the door!"


Kyler opened the door and entered.


Head low and teeth gritted, Catalina answered tremblingly.

Tears fell to her feet and shattered, like beads cut from the cord.

Carolyn looked at her, "What did you say? I didn't hear it."

"...I'll marry!"

Catalina bit her lip hard, "I'll marry him! Are you happy now?"

Carolyn waved to Kyler, signaling him to leave.

Kyler exited the Buddhist hall respectfully.

Before he left, he closed the ancient wooden door with a "creak".

Catalina was trembling all over, as if she had made a decision that brought her extreme pain.

This decision made her feel as painful as being cut off bones and flesh.

Because once it's settled, it means that the relationship between her and Bennett is really... completely over!

From onwards, it would be immoral even just to dream about him.

Carolyn approached her, "Catalina, don't try to fight me. You are too weak to do that. I could manipulate you in a breeze if I want to."

Catalina's teeth chattered, "Can you give me the medicine now?And my brother, you can let him off now, right?"

"Kyler will make arrangements."

"If anything happened to my grandmom, today's promise will be nothing!"

After saying this, Catalina turned to leave.


Carolyn stopped her.

"Anything else?"

Catalina clenched her fists.

"Since you are now Mrs. Shaffer of the Shaffer family, starting from tomorrow, you will move into Ink Villa and look after Warren."

Moving into Ink Villa?

Catalina turned her head and frowned, "But you didn't mention that just now."

"Don't tell me you want to live apart after marriage?"

"But Warren hasn't woken up yet. We can't get married for the time being!"

"Who said you can't?"

Carolyn has already arranged everything, "Your engagement banquet will be on this evening. I have already informed guests. The wedding will be held at Ink Villa. Prominent figures from political and business circles will come. So, Catalina, you can't embarrass the the Shaffer family again!"

Catalina held back her tears and took a deep breath.

It seems that Carolyn already predicted her response.

She, Catalina, is like a lamb to the slaughter, with nowhere to escape.

"Kyler." Carolyn turned a blind eye to Catalina's pain.


Kyler pushed the door open, "Ma'am."

"Lead Mrs. Shaffer to dress up and prepare for the engagement banquet tonight."

"But what about my grandma..."

"Mrs. Shaffer, you can rest assured, as long as you cooperate with us, Mrs. Nash and Mr. Duffy will be safe and sound. Now please come with me!"

Kyler's implication was obviously that if she didn't cooperate, her grandmother and cousin would have different results.

Catalina had no choice.

Even if this was the last thing she wanted to do, she had to do it.


Eyes lusterless, Catalina sat in front of the vanity mirror like a puppet, letting the dresser apply makeup on her.

"My master has a call coming in, call, call, please answer the call..."

On the dressing table, Catalina's cell phone rang.


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