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Marriage Without Love: Sir, Please Stop novel Chapter 121

Chapter 121

Bennett tasted the tea in his cup.

He frowned.

It's getting cold.

He put down the cup.


Darnell came over and drank the other cup of cold tea by Bennett's hand in one gulp.

He sat down on the bamboo chair, looked at his uncle and aunt who were welcoming guests at the door, and frowned, "What does aunt mean by this? Could she be so eager to get Warren married? Don't tell me she's afraid that he still wouldn't let go of Catalina when he wakes up?"

Looking gloomy, Bennett compressed his lips and said nothing.

He just lowered his head and made tea.

Yet Darnell was still talking, "Aunt could even come out of that Buddhist hall and host the wedding banquet in person on such a formal cheongsam. She really cares a lot about this wedding!"

Bennett glanced at his mother at the entrance of the banquet hall and said "Yes", approving Darnell's analysis.

"Ben, do you know who the heroine is today?"

"I don't know."

"Even you don't know?"

"Even I don't know."

Darnell opened his mouth in shock, "What! what is auntie playing at? Why is she keeping it a secret even from you!"

Bennett didn't answer. His attention was all on the tea in his hand.

To be honest, he has no interest or concern for today's heroine, as long as it is not a certain girl.

But if it's really that girl...


Bennett forcibly cut off his thoughts.

After the incident four years ago, it is impossible for her mother to let Catalina marry into the Shaffer family.

"Ben, aren't you curious about what kind of wife aunt chose for Warren?"

Darnell asked Bennett, leaning on the tea table.

Bennett glanced at him coldly, "I'm not in the habit of wondering about my sister-in-law."

"...ough ough ough ough!" Darnell coughed.

Why does it feel like a sore spot of Ben is touched by him?

Of course, Darnell wouldn't dare to say this even if he had nine lives.

"Ben, I know I'm playful most of the time, but I have a bottom line. I dare not covet my sister-in-law. I am just curious about who our future sister-in-law is. She must be excellent enough to be recognized by aunt? Right?"

It is well known that Carolyn has strict conditions for selecting the daughter-in-law.

Take Claire Park as an example!

She's from a prestigious family and also a popular movie star herself, yet for Carolyn, those mean nothing.

To match her son, there won't be any chance even in the next life.

"But it's quite strange..."

Darnell suddenly thought of something and rubbed his chin, "Ben, aunt has always had very high standards, especially when it comes to picking the daughter-in-law, she could be unbelievably strict. But how could such a person acknowledge Catalina back then, a humble little maid? Don't you think it's strange?"

Bennett frowned.

He didn't want to talk about what happened four years ago.

"Even if it's for the purpose of counteracting bad luck with a joyous wedding, she could always choose other people! There were thousands or at least hundreds of households who offered to marry their daughters, right? Could it be that no one was better than Catalina?"

Bennett poured himself a cup of hot tea.

He picked it up and blew it, took a sip, and replied softly: "Catalina was personally chosen by Warren. I was there at the time."

"That I know. I just wonder why did aunt agree? Was it because she couldn't bear to embarrass Warren as he's seriously ill? But since when did aunt become such a considerate person?"

"Darnell, don't you afraid that some day your aunt knows about you saying these behind her back? Be careful of what she would do then."



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