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Marriage Without Love: Sir, Please Stop novel Chapter 122

Chapter 122 

He stood on the second floor with one hand in his pocket, looking down at her like a bystander. His gaze was cold and disdainful. 

Catalina's heart was being cut, as if by sharp knives. 

Every step on the red carpet was like walking on needles. 

Her chest ached so much that it was almost suffocating. 

Her hands were clasped tightly in front of her. 

Nails almost dug into her flesh, but she didn't notice. 

"Why is it her?" 

Until now, Wesley also recognized Catalina under the spotlight. 

His face turned pale with anger as he questioned Carolyn, "What are you planning to do?" 

Carolyn remained indifferent, "She was chosen by your son personally and I'm just helping him. Haven't you heard what Darnell said? Warren only reacts when he heard Catalina's name. If you want your son to wake up soon, it's best to bring her into the family." 

Wesley frowned deeply, "Are you really doing this for Warren's sake?" 

"Then what do you think I'm planning?" 

Carolyn coldly retorted. 

Wesley was left speechless. 

He couldn't come up with an answer. 

Carolyn left him and walked up to Catalina. 

She held Catalina's hand, facing all the guests, and said, "From now on, Catalina is Mrs. Shaffer, the wife of Warren, my eldest son." 


Thunderous applause erupted from the audience. 

"Congratulations, Mrs. Shaffer." 

"Congratulations, Mrs. Carolyn." 


"Best wishes for Mr. Warren to wake up soon." 


Countless cheers drowned out Catalina. 

But Catalina felt that none of this had anything to do with her. 

She shouldn't have been involved in this conspiracy as an ordinary person. 

And in fact, she didn't care about this conflict. The only thing she cared about was the man on the second floor. 

At this moment, he stood there as still as a statue. 

No expressions were seen on his face. 


Darnell couldn't bear it any more and hurriedly asked, "What does aunt mean by all this?" 

"More precisely, what does Catalina mean by all this? Does she have some extraordinary ability? Why does aunt like her so much? I could understand that she was chosen four years ago. But after experiencing the mess and especially when she led Warren to the current state, aunt actually still brings her into the Shaffer family? Either this woman is scheming, or my aunt is mad. Ben, what the hell is going on?" 

"Your aunt found out about me and her," 

Bennett said coldly, turned around, and walked downstairs. 

His figure looked as cold as ice. 

"Aunt..." Darnell was stunned and then realized what had happened. He stretched his neck and shouted loudly at Bennett's back, "No, Ben, I never mentioned it to aunt. Don't blame me." 

Then Darnell suddenly thought of something and quickly caught up with Bennett. "Ben, something's not right. Even if aunt knows about you and Catalina, she shouldn't have married her to Warren again, right? Doesn't she fear you will have conflicts? Besides, why can Warren marry Catalina but you cannot? Or does aunt think that Catalina is no match for you but for Warren? This is too strange. What exactly is aunt up to?" 

Darnell was perplexed. 

Bennett's face was cold, and it remained tense. 

He took strides towards Catalina in the center of the crowd, ignoring Darnell's questions. 

He didn't care about the play being performed but only what Catalina was thinking. 

Perhaps because Bennett's presence was too strong, all the guests instinctively made way for him as soon as he appeared. 


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