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Marriage Without Love: Sir, Please Stop novel Chapter 128

Chapter 128

Those words from Wendy echoed in Catalina's mind, uncontrollably repeating...

-I'm really worried if something had happened to them in Gilburgh.

"It's impossible."

Catalina shook her head.

What was she thinking?

She had just reassured Wendy.

How capable he was!

He had extraordinary abilities, how could anything happen to him?

Moreover, there were a group of highly skilled bodyguards around him. They wouldn't let Bennett get into any danger.

With this thought, Catalina felt a little more at ease.


In the editorial department of a publishing house in Sayton-

"Lina, you need to take a business trip."

Catalina was busy organizing the manuscripts when suddenly, someone knocked on her cubicle.

It was Felix.

Catalina quickly stood up and greeted, "Mr. Tate."

"Here, this is your plane ticket. It departs in two hours. You have one hour to go home and pack. Hurry up."

"What? So rushed?"

Catalina was a bit stunned as she took the plane ticket. "But I don't even know what my work is."

As Catalina spoke, she opened the envelope and glanced at the plane ticket. It was a flight to Sophora Town, five hours away.

Sophora Town?

Catalina was taken aback.

Wasn't that...

"Where are you going on this business trip?"

Emery in the next cubicle heard the news and quickly stuck her head out. She took the plane ticket from Catalina's hand and glanced at it. "Wow. Sophora Town? That's amazing. I heard that sophora flowers there are the best in the world. It's the blossom season now, and I want to go and see it. Mr. Tate, how many people are going on this business trip? Does our editorial department need any other help?"

Emery looked eager and envious.

Catalina's feelings were complex, and she only asked Felix, "How many are going this time? Is there any special task?"

"It's just you, as for the interview subject, you'll know once you get there."


So mysterious?

She thought she would be going on a business trip soon, but she still knew nothing about her interview subject.

Catalina wanted to ask further, but Felix didn't give her a chance and continued, "After you arrive, someone will pick you up. Accommodations have already been arranged for you. Just follow their instructions when you get there."

"Uh... alright, thank you."

Catalina didn't expect that she would be going on this business trip alone.

She felt a bit lonely.

And why did it seem so secretive?

After Felix finished his instructions, he left the editorial department.

Catalina started to tidy up her desk.

Emery leaned against the partition wall, eagerly looking at Catalina. "I'm so envious of you. Such a great opportunity falls on you."

"Is it a great opportunity? Don't you think Mr. Tate's instructions were vague? I don't even know who my interview subject is, and I don't know what difficulties I might face when I get there."

"What are you afraid of? Even if it's difficult, can it be more difficult than interviewing Bennett? You've already succeeded in interviewing him, so why worry about others?"


Catalina paused packing up.

Her expression froze for a moment.

Emery finally realized that she had said something wrong and quickly slapped her own mouth. "Oops! I said something I shouldn't have."

"It's okay, what you said makes sense. I'm sure I'll manage."

Catalina hastily packed her things into her bag. "I'm leaving now to pack my luggage at home."

"Don't forget to bring me a souvenir when you return."



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