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Marriage Without Love: Sir, Please Stop novel Chapter 129

Chapter 129

Catalina threw out several questions in a row.

"Come in and let's talk. I will explain the whole situation to you clearly."

Upon hearing this, Catalina hesitated and carried her luggage, following Ralph into the villa.

As soon as they entered, Catalina felt a strange atmosphere.

The air was filled with a strong smell of disinfectant, overpowering the fragrance of the sophora flowers.

The initially transparent glass windows had been activated with the privacy function, allowing only people inside to see outside, while those outside remained unaware of the inside.

Catalina also noticed disinfectant bottles placed in various corners of the hall.


Catalina looked at Ralph in confusion.

If Ralph was here, then... where was Bennett?

Where was he?

"Mrs. Shaffer, please have a seat."

Ralph leaned on his cane, gesturing for Catalina to sit down.

Then, he instructed someone to bring a bottle of disinfectant, handing it to Catalina, "I'm sorry, it's part of the procedure."

Although Catalina didn't understand the meaning behind this, she followed Ralph's instructions and disinfected her hands with the sanitizer.

"Weren't you wondering why it was my people who picked you up from the airport?"

Ralph sat down on the sofa facing Catalina, "I'm sorry, Mrs. Shaffer, but I arranged your entire trip, and the interview was just a cover-up."

"Why?" Catalina asked, surprised.

She frowned.

"Because of Mr. Shaffer."



"What exactly are you planning to do?"

Ralph sighed heavily and pointed towards the direction of the bedroom, "Mr. Shaffer is critically injured and needs someone to take care of him. But he doesn't accept anyone's help, so..."

"Critically injured?!"

Catalina suddenly stood up from the sofa.

Her face turned pale instantly, "What do you mean by critically injured? How bad are his injuries? Is he in the room?"

Catalina threw out several questions in a row and hurriedly headed towards the room.

"Mrs. Shaffer, I'm sorry, please wait."

Catalina had only taken a few steps when a man in black stopped her.

She turned back, looking at Ralph with a puzzled and slightly annoyed expression, "Let me see him first."

"You have to put on a sterile suit first."

"What's wrong with him?"

As soon as she heard this, Catalina's eyes turned red with anxiety. She hurriedly asked, "Where is the sterile suit? I'll change into it right away."

"Take Mrs. Shaffer to conduct the disinfection."

Ralph instructed the servant.


Catalina followed the servant in a hurry.

She was led into a professional disinfection room, where there was a large sterilization device that was very professional and advanced.

It took Catalina about fifteen minutes to complete the disinfection process and put on a sterile suit. Only then did she follow Ralph, who had already changed into a sterile suit, and pushed open the door to Bennett's bedroom.

As soon as she entered the room, Catalina was shocked.

On the bed, Bennett's face was pale, lying there silently as if there were no signs of life.

His head and chest were wrapped in gauze.


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