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Marriage Without Love: Sir, Please Stop novel Chapter 14

Chapter14 Report to My Room on Time


He called out again.

Obviously, his tone sounded not friendly.

Bennett has always been very impatient, especially to Catalina.

In her sleep, Catalina frowned in annoyance.

How noisy it is!

She had no idea which plague was calling her. Can't he let her have a good sleep?

"Shut up! I want to sleep..."

She muttered dissatisfied.

Suddenly, there was a tinge of wetness on her face.

Water droplets hit her face drop by drop, which made her wake up from the dream suddenly.

What happened? Is it raining?

Catalina opened her eyes in confusion.

She saw a long and cold figure standing in front of her, looking down at her, and holding a shower in his hand.

Catalina was drenched with water splashed out from the shower.

"Are you awake?"

Bennett coldly threw the shower into the bathtub.

Catalina finally came back to her senses.

She angrily brushed away the water droplets on her face, "Bennett, are you sick? Why do you douse me with water?"

Bennett kept himself high above Catalina, squinting at her coldly, "I told you to come here to sleep?"

When did the docile rabbit start teasing him?

Catalina was angry, "Why should I serve you here? I am no longer your follower."

She said and stood up.

Unexpectedly, her long black hair, like a waterfall, was scooped up from the water and drenched the floor.

How embarrassing it is!

When did her hair lie in this bathtub?

Catalina knew that Bennett was a clean freak, so she was a little embarrassed.

Touching the tip of her nose in embarrassment, she whispered: "Well... If you think the water is dirty, you can change another tank of water, but I think this is a waste of water resources. In fact, I have already washed my hair at night..."

Catalina's voice became smaller and smaller, and in the end it was almost as light as a gnat.

Because she already felt there was a frightening coldness wrapping her layer upon layer.

Bennett's slender legs came near step by step, "You mean, you want me to take a bath with the water you washed your hair?"

"Uh... I, I didn't mean that..."

Catalina was so nervous that she swallowed.

The aura of the man in front of Catalina was too strong. As soon as he came up, she had an illusion that she was overwhelmed by Mount Tai. And even her breath became disordered in an instant.

She held her hands in front of her chest and retreated step by step, "You, if you dislike... ah"

Unexpectedly, before Catalina finished her words, her feet slipped suddenly. The next second, her body went out of control and fell into the bathtub behind her.


She screamed.

With hands stretching out, she instinctively grabbed Bennett's shirt collar.

She saw Bennett's stern face condensing into ice because of her actions.

The next second, with the sound of "hiss", the shirt fell apart, and both of them fell into the bathtub together awkwardly.


They fell into the water with a splash.

"Puff puff puff puff..."

Catalina sank into the water and choked on a big mouthful of water before coming out of the water.

Somehow her arms had wrapped around Bennett's neck.

And what about Bennett who was dragged into the water by her?

The moment he fell into the water, he reacted quickly and supported the bottom of the pool with his long arms to avoid being flooded.

But the posture of them...

is a bit ambiguous!

Bennett spread his arms on both sides of Catalina,

and leaned on her body.

The white shirt, torn in two by her, floated on the water

His sexy bronze-colored chest was exposed and stained by water droplets, making the texture and lines more charming.

And what about Catalina?

Afraid of drowning, her arms were tightly wrapped around Bennett's neck, and she dared not let go for a moment.


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