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Marriage Without Love: Sir, Please Stop novel Chapter 15

Chapter15 The Girl he likes

Next day morning

It was only six o'clock, and the sky turned white slightly. The scene outside the window was illuminated by snow, which was as bright as day.

Catalina, who was in sound sleep, was forcibly awakened by the maids of the Lake Compound.

Though Catalina didn't want to get up, she had no choice because she gave Bennett an excuse against herself.

She was sleepy and sullenly followed the maid to the Lake Compound.

Outside the arch gate of Wheelworth, several maids were waiting and they all bowed respectfully to Catalina when she walked by.

"Mrs. Shaffer, Mr. Shaffer is still sleeping, please ask him to wake up!"

Hearing this, Catalina secretly peeked inside.

Sure enough, the man was sleeping on the silver-gray kingsize bed.

She was a little nervous, "Must I call him? Why not let him wake up naturally?"

She remembered that Darnell said that this lion usually gets up on the wrong side of the bed.

"I'm afraid I have to wait until afternoon that Mr. Shaffer will wake up naturally."


That's right.

He could sleep for a long time. If no one calls him, he can sleep for a full twenty hours.

Therefore, when she was a child, she often acted as his alarm clock.

"Okay, I'll wake him up!"

Catalina mustered up her courage and walked into the room lightly.


She called out tentatively.

There was no response.


The man on the bed remained motionless.

Catalina frowned.

She had no choice but to approach the bed, "Bennett?"

The sleeping man didn't even frown at all.

Catalina lost her patience.

This guy slept too deeply!

"Believe it or not, I'll bring a basin of water from the bathroom and pour it on your head."

Only in this way can she avenge herself for being showered last night.

However, Catalina was definitely just speaking.

How dare she?

Catalina stretched out her little finger, and tentatively poked Bennett's shoulder that was exposed outside the quilt, "Bennett, don't sleep, wake up quickly, I scream too much that my mouth was dry. Ah"

Finish speaking, Catalina's little hand was grabbed by a big warm hand. The next second, she was pulled by a strong force, turning half round on the bed.

A shadow forcefully locked Catalina between the big bed and his chest.

Catalina stared at the man in shock.

Bennett half-closed his eyes, sleepy.

His stared at Catalina's red lips, with his sexy throat sliding around, "I'll help you quench your thirst..."

After finishing speaking in a deep voice, the next moment, he kissed Catalina's soft red lips without warning.

Catalina was shocked.

Her eyes were as big as copper bells.

Her soft and delicate body turned into petrification in an instant.

W... What?

Bennett...kissed her?!

Catalina felt that sometimes she was floating on the heavy clouds, and sometimes she seemed to be pulled into the abyss.

She was overwhelmed.

His inadvertent little action was enough to make her fall into the quagmire.


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