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Marriage Without Love: Sir, Please Stop novel Chapter 17

Chapter 17 Fanning the Flames

"Ben, don't persuade me about this matter. I will kill this bastard today! Every one of the Wyatt family and the Shaffer family is upright except him. He indulges himself in sensual pleasures and spends his time fiddling around. The journalists also took photos of him playing around with girls, and everyone knew about this! He is really a disgrace to both the Wyatt family and the Shaffer family!"

Brian scolded Darnell and whipped him again.

Darnell was trembling with pain, but he kept arguing, "Old man, are you a devil? The picture in the newspaper is covered with mosaics. Why do you insist that the person is me?"

"Darnell, stop talking!"

Abbey stamped her feet and said anxiously.

Darnell even dared to answer back at this time.

Brian was so angry that he whipped again and said, "I'm your father. How could I didn't recognize you? Let alone the mosaics, I would recognize you even if you were burned into ashes!"

"...Ben, don't just stand there and watch! Please help persuade my Dad."

Darnell suddenly became a little anxious when he saw that Bennett kept silent after he was here.

Bennett glanced at Darnell, who was sweating in pain, raised his brows slightly, and said slowly, "I think what Brian said is right, and Darnell has gone too far this time."



Darnell was shocked.

He called Bennett to support him, but how...

Bennett sat down on the chair opposite of Darnell. He took the cup of black tea that the servant specially made for him and took a sip. When he saw everyone was looking at him confusedly, he said again, "Brian, go ahead. Just ignore me, I'm just here for the tea."

Darnell cursed,"Fuck..."

Until now Darnell realized that Ben didn't come here to save him, but to fan the flames!

Why would he do that?

Just because he didn't recognize his girlfriend and picked on her that day?

Damn it!

"Ben, you put her above buddies..."

"You...you...you...you are blinded by sexual desire. How could you do this to me?"


Despite his curses, Bennett was still sipping the cup of black tea in his hand.

Obviously, when he came here today not to persuade his Dad, but...to watch him suffer!

What a jerk!

No, he was even worse!

After Darnell was beaten to a pulp, he was carried back to his bed.

Soon, the family doctor came to put medicine on his wounds.

Darnell refused to cooperate and said, "Get out! Get the hell out of here."

He was still pissed off!

Bennett stood beside his bed with his hands behind his back, looked down at him lying on the bed, and said, "Either the doctor or I will do this. You can choose by yourself."


Darnell looked as if he had seen the ghost, grabbed the doctor's hand, and said, "I choose you. Hurry up!"

He was afraid that Bennett would apply medicine on him.

Right now, Darnell's beloved brother Ben became the person who put the girl he liked above everything else.

No wonder it's said that nobody dared to mess with Mr. Shaffer.

Bennett was pleased that Darnell took a hint.

Abbey who was standing beside them wiped the tears and said, "Only you can talk into him, and he listens to you."

Darnell's face became gloomy.

Obviously, he was threatened by Ben!


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