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Marriage Without Love: Sir, Please Stop novel Chapter 16

Chapter 16 Consoling Her with Candies 

The girl blushed and bravely told him that she loved him. 

"I have fallen in love with someone else." 

Surprisingly, Bennett rejected her without hesitation. 

Catalina, who was hiding behind the tree and wiping her tears, was slightly stunned. 

It was impossible that she had no clue about who Bennett liked because she followed him all day. 

Hearing Bennett's words, the girl's eyes became dim and tears rolled down her cheeks. She said, "It's okay. I just want you to know my heart." 

As she spoke, the girl put the love letter and several fruit candies into his hand. 

Then the girl buried her face in her hands and ran away while weeping. 

Catalina thought that Bennett would leave with the girl. 

She hid behind a tree and didn’t dare to make a sound. 

She prayed in her heart that he would not catch her eavesdropping, but suddenly, the boy leaning on the tree trunk asked, "Crybaby, are you beaten again?" 


It turned out that he had spotted her early. 

Hearing Bennett’s question, Catalina crumpled her mouth and burst into tears. 

Bennett frowned slightly, stretched out his hand, and said, "Pick one." 




In tears, Catalina looked up at him naively. 

Bennett was not very patient. 

He frowned tightly and said to her impatiently, "Candies can make you feel better. Eat it quickly and stop crying." 


"I'm upset when I see you cry." 

In order not to annoy him, Catalina wiped away the tears on her face quickly and said, "These candies are from the girl who likes you. Should I eat them?" 

"Then I'll just throw them away." 

Bennett was about to throw the handful of candies into the trash can. 


Catalina stopped him immediately. 

Bennett stretched out the hand holding candies to her again. 

Catalina picked out a green apple candy, carefully tore the wrapper open, and put it into her mouth. She didn't forget to say, "Thank you." 

As he said, it was true that candy could cheer her up. 

At that moment, Catalina felt that the bruises on her body didn't seem to hurt so much. 

Somehow she was in a better mood. 

"It tastes sour and sweet. It’s really tasty. Would you try one, too?" Catalina asked him. 


Bennett refused immediately. 

After saying that, he threw the remaining candies in his hand directly into the trash can. 

He also threw away the love letter which was given to him by that girl. 

Catalina was shocked and said, "You haven't read that letter yet!" 

"Why should I?" 

Bennett frowned and replied discontentedly. 

"But maybe the letter is about her feelings for you." 

"Not interested." 


Well! This was very typical of him. 

While eating the candy in her mouth, Catalina said with sadness in her eyes, "That's right. You already meet the girl you like, so surely you are not interested in other girls..." 

Therefore, he wouldn’t care about her feelings for him, either. 

Bennett looked at Catalina's rosy cheeks, felt a little shy, and turned his head away quickly. He kicked away a pebble at his feet and muttered, "I will never think about such a dummy girl all the time!" 


Brian was an honest and upright veteran who used to be the right-hand man of Drake back then.


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