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Marriage Without Love: Sir, Please Stop novel Chapter 21

Chapter 21 More Important Than My Life

Bennett's burly body towered over her like a mountain. "Are you going to throw away your life for a stupid doll?"

He gritted his teeth.

His ferocious expression looked as if he wished to tear her to pieces.

However, there also seemed to be a bit of strange worry in those clear eyes.


"About her?

"How is that possible?"

Catalina thought the idea was ridiculous.

"You don't need to worry about my life or death. A heartless person like you will never understand how important other people's thoughts are!"

Catalina's eyes were red.


Bennett smiled sarcastically. "I, Bennett Shaffer, can buy you ten, hundreds, or even thousands of such cheap things! Are these your so-called thoughts?"

"You don't understand at all! Even if you buy me ten thousand of them, so what? It will never be as good as mine. Bennett, I don't care about your stuff at all!"

Catalina pushed Bennett angrily, trying to break free from his arms.

However, her words stabbed Bennett's heart like a knife.

He tightened his long arm that was wrapped around Catalina's waist as if he wanted to break her. "I shouldn't have saved you, I should have let you drown with that stupid thing!"

Bennett was mad at her.

However, he was even madder at himself for meddling.

How would this woman who would switch sides so quickly be worthy of his rescue?

"It's not a stupid thing!"

Catalina roared.

Tears of grievance rolled out of her eyes. "It is the last remnant my mother left me, and to me, it is more important than my life!"

"What did you say?"

Catalina's words shocked Bennett. His pupils contracted. "Who did you say gave you this doll?"

"My mother, my mother!" Catalina yelled angrily, "My mother sewed this for me stitch by stitch, but now you have ruined it! Are you satisfied seeing how upset I am? Are you happy?"


'So Aaron didn't give her this doll?

'So the person she missed just now was actually her mother, not Aaron?'

For some reason, this result opened up Bennett's heart, and the weight on it seemed to be lifted in an instant.

Furthermore, the terrifying rancor emitting from his body suddenly faded away. He also calmed down in an instant.

Catalina was immersed in sadness and anger, so she did not notice Bennett's emotional changes.

She was crying like a wounded kitten, and she begged him in a low voice, "Bennett, I beg you, help me pick it up, and no matter what you ask me to do in the future, I will do it... Boohoo..."

Bennett looked down at her, his throat hoarse. "Stop crying."

Her crying irritated Bennett inexplicably.

He thought this was only because he felt guilty.


It was fine if he did not say anything. Once he said something, Catalina lowered her head and cried even harder.

"I will pay you back!"

Bennett reassured her angrily.

"I don't want anything else, I just want this one."

Catalina looked at him longingly with teary eyes.

"Alright, I'll give you this one."

It was rare for Bennett to be so good-tempered. He stared at Catalina's teary eyes and his sexy throat moved. "If you stop your tears, I will consider picking up this toy for you."

Catalina was startled when she heard that. She could not believe that he agreed.

So, she did not even dare to hesitate for a moment. She quickly sniffled and stopped her tears in time.


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