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Marriage Without Love: Sir, Please Stop novel Chapter 22

Chapter 22 Childish Yet Cute 

"Mr. Shaffer!" 

Ralph caught up with Bennett while carrying a long black cloak. 

Bennett stood at the front of the bridge and frowned. He seemed to be waiting for Ralph impatiently. 

Ralph stepped forward and carefully put the cloak onto Ralph's shoulders, "I know that you're worried about Mrs. Shaffer, but you also have to pay attention to keeping yourself warm. It's still snowing outside!" 

Snowflakes were whirling in the sky like a myriad of feathers. They landed softly onto Bennett's short black hair, softening his gloomy temperament. 

Ralph's expression turned dark, "Who's worried about her? I'm here to see if she's pretending to be sick! Ralph, you'd better pray that this is not an act. Otherwise, you'll be punished together with her!" 

Ralph, "..." 

Ralph couldn't understand why he was involved in this matter suddenly. 

"Mrs. Shaffer, Mrs. Shaffer!" 

When Wendy spotted Bennett on the bridge, she was so excited until forgetting to bring water to Catalina, "Mr. Shaffer has come to see you!" 


Catalina was extremely surprised. 

As the two talked, the bedroom door was pushed open from outside. Following, Bennett, who was covered in cold, stepped in. 

As he walked into the room, he untied the cloak on his shoulders and handed it to Ralph, who was a step behind him. 

By the time Bennett reached Catalina's bedside, he was already looking good in his suit and leather shoes. His two long and straight legs were eye-catching. 

"He really shows off his charms all the time," thought Catalina.

Bennett stood by the bed and frowned. He looked at Catalina, whose face was reddish because of the fever. 

Catalina was feeling uncomfortable upon Bennett's stare. 

She felt that Bennett was trying to identify the authenticity of her illness. 

"What are you doing here?" Catalina asked. 

Bennett raised his eyebrows, "I want to check whether you're pretending to be sick." 

As expected. 

Catalina was speechless, "I'm not as childish as you." 

Surprisingly, Bennett didn't fight back against Catalina. He picked up the thermometer on the bedside table, gently pinched and lifted Catalina's ear with the other hand, and inserted the thermometer into Catalina's ear canal. 

Catalina was stunned. Her eyes were filled with shock while staring at Bennett. The area where her ears were pinched felt hot. 

On the other hand, Ralph and Wendy were also dumbfounded. 

None of them had expected Bennett, who was always proud and in high position, would personally measure for someone's body temperature. 

It was unbelievable! 

Bennett took the thermometer out of Catalina's ear. 

Thirty-nine-point-eight degree celsius. 

Bennett frowned and glanced at the antique clock on the wall. Then, his gaze fell back onto Catalina, who looked a little frightened, "What are you looking at? I just want to make sure for myself whether you're playing tricks with me." 

Catalina, "..." 

As expected! 

Catalina thought that it was impossible for Bennett to suddenly care so much about her. 

"Well, you can now confirm that I'm not pretending, right? Bennett, you can leave now," Catalina asked Bennett to leave with a cold face. All the emotions just now disappeared in an instant. 

"Who knows whether you've done anything on this thermometer?" 

Bennett calmly threw the thermometer back onto the bedside table. Then, he took a pack of disinfectant wipes from his pocket and wiped his hands. He asked Wendy impatiently, "Why hasn't the doctor arrived yet?" 

Wendy replied, "The doctor is arriving soon." 

Catalina was feeling a little angry. 

"So this guy isn't satisfied even after taking my body temperature personally? Did he really need to wait for the doctor's confirmation to believe that I'm sick?" Catalina thought. 

Catalina was also disturbed by Bennett's action of wiping his hands with wet wipes. 

Had Bennett wiped his hands just because he touched her? 

Had Bennett thought of her as something poisonous? 

If he disliked her that much, why did he kiss her again that morning? 


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