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Marriage Without Love: Sir, Please Stop novel Chapter 24

Chapter 24 It Was Handmade by Mr. Shaffer 

After Wendy finished her work in Catalina's room, she left with the ugly doll in her arms. 

When she was crossing the bridge, she bumped into a few maids of the Lake Compound. 

When they saw the doll in Wendy's arms, they were curious and asked, "Wendy, what is that? Isn't it a doll? It looks so ugly!" 

"It's given by Mrs. Shaffer. You can't say it's ugly!" 

Wendy was hugging it like a baby and said, "It isn't perfect, but I like it." 

At the same time, Bennett, who came back from the outside was heading to the Lake Compound. He passed by the bridge and he was surrounded by his servants. 

After hearing the conversation between Wendy and those maids, he stopped suddenly. 

He took a glance at the rag doll in Wendy's arms and his gaze froze instantly as if a layer of freezing frost had covered his pupils. 

His aura was so strong that Wendy and the others immediately noticed his presence even at a distance of more than 15 feet. 

"Mr...Mr. Shaffer!" 

Wendy's face turned pale with fright when she turned around and saw him. 

Subconsciously, she hid the doll in her hand at her back and worried that he might get to see it. 

"Hello, Mr. Shaffer..." 

All the maids quickly bowed their heads and greeted him respectfully. 

Although they didn't know what had happened, seeing that he was pulling a long face, they knew that someone must have offended him today. 

"Show me." 

Bennett spread his palm towards Wendy without many expressions. 

Wendy trembled in fright. 

In the end, she used all her courage, ran forward, and put the ugly doll in Bennett's palm as quickly as possible. 

At that moment, Wendy felt like she was about to suffocate. 

Bennett stared at the doll in his hand, his gazes under his glasses became even more piercing. 

He clenched all his five fingers around the doll's neck strongly still they became a fist. 

All the maids lowered their heads and none of them dared to make a slight noise. 

"Pack up your stuff and get lost!" 

After Bennett said those words, he was about to leave. 

When Wendy heard that, she got panicked. 

"No. Mr. Shaffer, I know it's my fault. I should never have taken the gift that you gave to Mrs. Shaffer. Please don't ask me to leave since I have been taking care of Mrs. Shaffer for so long. Mr. Shaffer, I am begging you! Please." 

Wendy bowed her head to apologize. She almost teared since she was so panicked. 

Catalina, who was busy arranging the dolls in the room heard some sounds from the bridge. 

She pushed the wooden window open to take a look. Then, she was stunned. 

"Why is Bennett there?" 

"What happened to Wendy? Why is she crying?" 

Catalina seemed to understand something suddenly and ran outside. 

"What's wrong?" 

After a while, she was in front of the two of them. 

"Mrs. Shaffer!" 

As soon as Wendy saw Catalina, she seemed to have seen a savior. She quickly took Catalina's hand and said with tears in her eyes, "Mrs. Shaffer, please talk to Mr. Shaffer. Please ask him not to fire me..." 

"Fire you?" 

Catalina frowned and looked at Bennett very unhappily. 

Bennett put his hands behind his back, raised his chin slightly, and stood aside coldly and arrogantly. 

Catalina asked, "What did Wendy do that offended you?" 

Bennett glanced at her coldly from his side with his lips closed tightly, as if they were sealed. 

Wendy secretly tugged at Catalina's sleeve and pointed to the ugly doll hidden behind Bennett. 


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