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Marriage Without Love: Sir, Please Stop novel Chapter 23

Chapter 23 The Means to Console a Girl

Bennett sat on the sofa while flipping through the documents in his hands. However, he kept recalling the tattered doll that was resting on Catalina's bedside, and her grievance when she cried and accused him yesterday.

Catalina's "I hate you" was like a magic spell, echoing in his ears nonstop.

Bennett frowned.

He told himself that Catalina's hatred toward him wasn't something he should be bothered about.

However, in the next second, he irritably threw the document in his hand, "Ralph."


Ralph, who was watering the indoor plants, quickly paused his work and respectfully stepped forward.

Bennett was silent for a long time before saying, "Go buy a bunch of decent toys."


Ralph was surprised and confused.

Bennett loosened the tie around his neck. He was a little impatient, "The kind of toys that girls like to play with."


Ralph understood swiftly, "Mr. Shaffer, you're referring to rag dolls that girls like, right?"

Bennett furrowed his eyebrows and didn't reply. He only picked up the documents on the table again.

It was a silent acquiescence.

Of course, Ralph could understand what Bennett meant. After thinking about it, he couldn't help but ask, "Mr. Shaffer, please forgive me for stepping in, but I believe I need to remind you about this. I'm afraid that even if you bought all the rag dolls from the world, Mrs. Shaffer might not necessarily be pleased!"

Bennett frowned, and his expression was cold as if there was a layer of frost, "Then, what else does she want? Does she want me to sew one for her with my own hands?"

"...Well, that's a good idea."


Bennett's cold gaze shot straight toward Ralph like an ice prism.

Ralph was so frightened until tightening his neck, "Mr. Shaffer, I'll make the arrangements immediately. I'll pick the best-looking ones to buy. I'll do my best to make Mrs. Shaffer happy."

After Ralph finished speaking, he left the study room as quickly as possible.

As the door closed, Bennett paused for a long time before putting down the documents in his hand again.

He looked back at the closed door. After making sure that no one would enter, he took out his mobile phone, opened Google, and typed "How to make handmade dolls".


After taking medicine timely for two days, Catalina's health improved significantly.

One day, Catalina was busy in her room trying to fix the rag doll that was gifted by her mother. Suddenly, someone knocked on the door.

It was Ralph.

There were two servants following behind him.

The servants were carrying a large square box about two meters wide and two meters long.

Catalina was surprised, "Ralph, what is this?"

"Mrs. Shaffer, please come and check it yourself!"

Ralph gestured and left Catalina in suspense.

Ralph had piqued Catalina's curiosity.

She quickly put down the needlework and ran over.

As Catalina opened the box and looked inside, she was stunned.


Catalina looked at Ralph in surprise, "These are..."

Ralph smiled, "These are from Mr. Shaffer. I believe he's trying to make up for Mrs. Shaffer!"

Catalina's heart swayed slightly.

"Did he ask you to buy these?"

Catalina was skeptical.

This wasn't something that Bennett would do.

"Yes, it's true that Mr. Shaffer had asked me to buy them."

All right!

This was astonishing.

Catalina bit her lower lips. There was a strange feeling arising in her heart. However, she said, "These dolls he bought can't be compared with the one that my mother gifted me. But anyways, forget it. I'm too lazy to argue with him about this."

"You are kind, Mrs. Shaffer. If there's nothing else, I'll leave first."


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