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Marriage Without Love: Sir, Please Stop novel Chapter 27

Chapter 27 Mr. Shaffer Forced Her to Take the Medicine

Bennett stuffed the pills that she spat out back into her mouth again. Then, he quickly took the water next to her, and forcefully poured it into her mouth.

He was rude. Anyone could tell at a glance that Bennett had absolutely no experience in taking care of others before that.

"Kaff! Kaff! Kaff!"

He had poured too much water at once which made Catalina cough a few times in discomfort.

She didn't swallow the pills and all the water overflowed from the corner of her mouth.

Obviously, that wasn't a good way to feed the medicine.

Bennett frowned.

"Why is it so troublesome?"

He stared at Catalina's red lips which were moving. Then, his Adam's apple moved.

He raised his head and poured the remaining half glass of water into his mouth. The next moment, he grabbed Catalina's jaw with his long fingers and squeezed her mouth open. He leaned over and sealed Catalina's lips with his tightly.

Bennett passed the water to her patiently and slowly.

At first, Catalina didn't respond. But gradually, she seemed to get used to it and began to swallow the water.

When it came to the last sip of water, she swallowed the pills as well.

The medicine feeding was finally completed.

Bennett's lips still stayed on Catalina's soft lips, and he didn't withdraw them in a hurry.

He looked at the half-conscious girl in his arms. Suddenly, an impulse took over his rational mind. He closed his eyes, tightened his arm that was on her waist, and held onto the back of her head with another hand domineeringly. He couldn't help turning the act of feeding the medicine into intense kissing.

Catalina opened her eyes drowsily. She didn't expect to see Bennett's handsome face.

His eyes were closed. His thick eyelashes covered his lower eyelid like a fan and cast a light shadow.

Catalina was slightly puzzled.

She was thinking that was a beautiful dream that she was having.

If possible, she really hoped that she would live in that dream and never wake up.


The next day.

The sky outside the house just began to get brightened. Catalina's biological clock had already urged her to wake up from her dream.

She opened her eyes bewilderedly.

Unexpectedly, the first thing she saw was...

A strong and broad chest of a man!

Catalina's eyes widened in fright.

When her gaze went further up, she saw a handsome and beautiful face of a man.

Catalina's face flushed instantly and it became so red.

"What's happening?"

When did she and Bennett...

Catalina was so ashamed that she immediately rolled up all the quilts onto her. Then, she moved from Bennett's body and shrank into the corner of the bed.

She clenched all of her toes tightly because of embarrassment. They looked pink.

"What happened between them last night?"


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