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Marriage Without Love: Sir, Please Stop novel Chapter 28

Chapter 28 Love Starts with Losing One's Mind

After Bennett left, Catalina hugged the quilt and curled up on the bed, with her ten pink toes huddled together.

"What does it mean to never do it again?"

She muttered to herself, "Clearly, he misbehaved first."

"Mrs. Shaffer."

Just after Bennett left, Wendy pushed the door in. "What are you muttering alone? How are you now? Are you feeling much better today?"

Wendy looked in a good mood, and even her voice was raised a lot.

"Well...I'm fine..."

Catalina was a little embarrassed to look at Wendy. At some time, her cheeks slightly blushed, and she looked like a shy teenage girl.

Wendy smiled ambiguously and jokingly said, "With Mr. Shaffer's personal care, it's hard for you not to get better!"


Catalina was puzzled and retorted with a red face, "He occupied my bed all night for no reason. Is that also called care?"

"How would it be for no reason? Yesterday, you personally invited Mr. Shaffer to bed."


Catalina's eyes widened in disbelief.

"How is that possible?" she thought.

Wendy noticed that something was wrong. "What's wrong? Mrs. Shaffer, did you forget everything about last night?"

"...Should I remember something?"

Catalina had a premonition that what she had forgotten would not be a good thing.

"Seriously? Were you really confused because of the fever last night?"

Wendy approached and kindly reminded her, "Did you remember taking a bath last night? You kept shouting cold even though you were bathing in the constant temperature water of 104 ℉! Later, Mr. Shaffer could only warm you with his own body."

Catalina couldn't believe what she had heard.

Wendy said it in a casual tone.

However, Catalina was greatly shocked after hearing that.

She thought in disbelief, "Warming me up?

Using his dignified body?

What a joke!"


Catalina was shocked again that something else had also happened.

"And what?" she asked.

"...And it was you who took the initiative to climb into Mr. Shaffer's arms. Mr. Shaffer wanted to throw you on the bed, but you refused to let him go and kept crying..."

Catalina lost her words again.

Her face was flushed greatly, and she felt very embarrassed.

As reminded by Wendy, the shameful scenes of last night rushed out in her mind like a movie.

She finally remembered that she had been pestering Bennett and crying in his arms.

She couldn't help but curse in her heart, "Damn!

I must be really confused because of the fever!"

Catalina buried her blushing face in the quilt and wished she could disappear in an instant.

She felt that she had lost all her face overnight.

"Mrs. Shaffer, in fact, you don't have to be so shy. After all, you and Mr. Shaffer are husband and wife, so there is nothing wrong with you doing so."

Catalina didn't speak.

She thought, "It does make sense.

But it was really embarrassing!

So, the inexplicable kiss in the dream last night was also true, right?"

Catalina suddenly had an illusion, as if her lips were still stained with Bennett's aroma.

The faint aroma of male hormones made her heart beat faster.

Her face suddenly reddened more.


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