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Marriage Without Love: Sir, Please Stop novel Chapter 29

Chapter 29 The Truth

Maggie held Catalina's hand tightly, tears streaming down her cheeks. "Lina, tell me honestly, what happened between you and Aaron? Also, where did you get the money for my surgery? Elle said that you...you betrayed Aaron on the wedding day. She also said that my surgery fee was got by you selling yourself to an old man who is not much younger than me. I don't believe it! I don't believe a word that woman said. My Lina can't be such a person! So, Lina, tell me the truth! Tell me that you didn't betray Aaron, and you didn't marry an old man to exchange money for my treatment, right?"

Maggie's words made Catalina cry bitterly.

She was overjoyed that there was still someone in the world willing to believe that she was a good girl.

Catalina was so moved that she hugged Maggie and said, "Grandma, I assure you that I never betrayed Aaron, nor sold myself to an old man. Those were made up by Elle to irritate you. If you are angry, you will fall into her trap."

Maggie stopped crying and smiled. She patted Catalina on the back with satisfaction. "I believe you. You are a good granddaughter raised by me, the best one."

Catalina also smiled and withdrew from Maggie's arms.

Maggie was still holding her hand, and her eyes darkened a little. "So, did you and Aaron really break up?"

Catalina, like a child who made a mistake, sat up straight and said, "Grandma, I don't want to hide it from you anymore. Aaron and I really broke up on the wedding day..."

"Why? Is Aaron not good?"

"No, he is not. He is not nice to your granddaughter."

As Catalina thought of all the humiliations she suffered on the wedding day, her eyes immediately turned red again.

However, she soon stopped crying and smiled. "But all this is over, because..."

"Because what?"

Catalina didn't want to hide it from Maggie anymore, so she summoned the courage to tell the truth, "Because I am married again."

"What did you say?"

Maggie suddenly got angry. "Ridiculous! Who did you marry again? Is it really the old man Elle said?"

Catalina's aunt, who had been sitting on one side and silent, was also startled by her words. She immediately got up and said, "Lina, what nonsense are you talking about? Don't irritate your grandmother again."

"Grandma, don't be angry. Listen to me first."

Catalina hurriedly soothed Maggie and tenderly stroked her chest. "I am married, but my husband is not the old man they said. In fact, you know my husband. You liked him very much back then!"

"Really? Who is he?"

Maggie's mood finally eased a bit, and she was also aroused by Catalina.

"He's the person...you used to ask me to invite him to dinner at home. You often praised him as a good kid and said that if anyone married him in the future, it would be a blessing. Do you remember all this?" asked Catalina expectantly.

As she spoke, Catalina was lying on the bedside, blushing.

When she was a student, Bennett often went to Maggie's house in the countryside to look for her.

Maggie blinked and asked in surprise, "Is the person you talked about Bennett?"

Catalina blushed and nodded slightly.


Maggie was instantly delighted and shook Catalina's little hand excitedly. "Did you really marry Bennett? You didn't lie to make me happy, did you?"

"Grandma, I promise you that every word I said this time is true."

"I don't believe it."

Maggie pretended to be suspicious and threw off Catalina's small hand. "If you really married Bennett, then you should bring him to see me. I won't believe what you said until I see him."

Catalina didn't expect to hear that.

She felt that she had got herself into trouble.

"Grandma, I really didn't lie to you. It's not impossible to bring him to see you. It's just that, you know, he's no ordinary man, is he? He is always busy, and I'm afraid he can't spare any time..."


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