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Marriage Without Love: Sir, Please Stop novel Chapter 4

Chapter 4 A Wrong Proposal 

Although Jenny was extremely surprised and had no idea about who 

the man proposed to her was, she was puffed up with the compliments from her neighbors. "Don't worry, everyone. I'll send you gifts when I get married. I won't forget your kindness to me." 

Jenny was a student of the Film and Television Academy. She always had the opportunity to meet with some young men from rich families. So she thought that there must be someone who had fallen in love with her. 

After all, even in the academy, her appearance was outstanding. 

Jenny glanced at Catalina proudly. 

At this moment, with the compliments of others, she felt that her status was much higher than that of Catalina. 

"Well, Catalina. You haven't expected such a day, have you?" 

Jenny was a little complacent. She sneered, "Are you angry? But you can't change anything. After all, I'm going to marry a rich man." 

Catalina raised her eyebrows slightly and didn't care about her at all. 

She never spared a glance for seeking connections with those in power. Only Elle and Jenny would care about that. 

"Ms. Grant." 

Meanwhile, the old man who came for the proposal came to them. 

There was a small gift box with exquisite workmanship in his hand. 

He said, "This is the diamond ring that our young master selected for you. Hope you will like it." 

Then he opened the gift box carefully. 

The moment he opened the box, there was an uproar. 


There was a tacit cry. 

There was a crystal diamond lying in the gift box. It seemed to have been soaked and washed by tears. It was extremely pure. With only a glance, everyone was shocked. 

"How beautiful..." 

Jenny felt that her breath was completely taken away by the diamond. 

Even Catalina, who had never been infatuated with jewelry, was stunned at this moment. 

"Oh my God! This diamond ring is too gorgeous!" 

"It's so big! Jenny, who is your fiancé? He's so great!" 

Jenny's heart pounded with excitement. 

Such a luxurious and dazzling diamond ring, she could not even dream about it. "Come on, try it." 

Elle urged. 

Jenny pretended to be calm, "But I don't know who the man is! He has prepared so much!" 

Although saying so, she reached out for that stunning ring. 

However, the old man moved his hand away and said, "I'm sorry, Ms. Jenny. You seem to get it wrong." 


Jenny frowned. 

What did he mean? 

To everyone's surprise, the next second, the old man put the gift box in front of Catalina respectfully, and bowed, "Ms. Grant, the young master said that this diamond ring was specially made for you. And he asked me to send it to you in person. No one else was allowed to take it. Even that's your sister." 

His words shocked everyone. 

No one would expect that this huge proposal team didn't come for Jenny, but for...Catalina? 

Jenny froze. Her pupils contracted. And she looked exbarrassed because of the situation. 

How was that possible? 

Elle was also shocked. 

And how was Catalina? 

She stood there at a loss and there was a "buzzing" in her mind. 


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